16 green ways to recycle old memory mattress mattresses

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Most memory foam mattress toppers have a lifetime of only 5 years. Then the foam loses the ability to recover the shape and gradually begins to spin. Many people change the mattresses after this period, which means that there is very little waste. Instead of increasing carbon footprints, what can one do to make it more environmentally friendly? The most preferred option is the recycling of foam since it is 100% recyclable. Some manufacturers also use the forklifts, so this is different.

But instead of discarding them, I have some unique ideas that transform the old memory foam mattress into something completely new and environmentally friendly.

] 1. Playing Games

Why not? Excellent fillers are made for toys. Cut them into tiny pieces and use them to make toys for the kids. You can also release the games and sell it on eBay or Etsy too.

2. Baby Bags

The bean bag can be more comfortable when you load half the memory shell. Or to sew a new bag and fill it up completely with foamy pieces, it gives enough decoration to the living room. Donate

Donate them to homeless people or shelter homes. Many do not have enough beds to accommodate homeless people and give them a good job for society. Car seats

Foam can be cut and used for car seats. They can be wrapped in textile or leather and can be used as a headband.

5. Wheelchairs

Resize them and give them a wheelchair. They can be used as cushions and help people sit more comfortably.

6. Halloween costume

Your old memorable foaming can be heard during Halloween. Many costumes require swelling and this is an excellent choice for this.

7. Pillows for Hardwood Chairs

Are not you comfortable sitting on your hardwood chair? Make some cushions from the "disposable" clamp.

8. Pillows Fill

Can be used to make cushions for children and pets. Cut them into small pieces and put them on the pillow.

9. Dishwasher

We use hundreds of sponges every year. Why not cut the scrapers into square pieces and use them as a dishwasher. It's much better than dropping it.

10. Craigslisten to sell

Okay, this is not a DIY project. But I definitely saw that Craigslist sellers and old mattresses could buy, they might have their own DIY projects. Floor Rugs

Cut them into large pieces of square and cover with decorative fabrics. They make large floor coverings.

12. Pet Bed

I wonder why these people are often forgotten. This is a great idea to reuse the old shredder. Cut and make bed for your pet. Cover with a waterproof cover, foam does not fit well with the piss.

13. Headgear

It's a great material to fit the headrest. If you want an embedded bed, then this is the time to get one.

14. Outdoor Living Room Use

Use it in a living room in the garden or on the patio.

15. Packaging, moving material

It can be used to keep things intact while packing and moving. Vacuum storage bags are a good way to store them for the required time.

16. Gardening Knee Cushion

Gardening is a great hobby, but all sowing and weeding may be slightly hard on your knees. The old cap is an excellent choice to make home-made knee pads.

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