25 things you can do today to start living "green"

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My 11-year-old daughter yesterday said that the teacher discussed "green" life with the class during observation of "Earth Day". He said that the teacher asked the class how many people began to live a "green" life. Only he and another girl raised their hands. She told me that when the teacher asked the kids why they did not live in "green" lives, they heard an excuse after an excuse. – My parents can not afford it. – My parents do not have time. It was so sad. She asked me why people in my age did not care about the child's future living conditions on this planet. Needless to say, it was almost speechless.

We have sat down and compiled a list of simple but meaningful things that children can host their parents and begin their life for the future of their "green" child.

first Use rechargeable batteries.

2nd Use compact fluorescent lamps.

3rd If it is not necessary turn off the lights.

4th Use warm or cold water whenever possible.

5th Pull the thermostat down 2 degrees in winter and 2 degrees in summer.

6th Replace air conditioners at least once a month.

7th Use recycled paper if possible.

8th Use actual meals instead of disposable places.

ninth Only run full loads in washing machines, dryers and dishwashers.
10. Insert water-saving shower heads.
11. Weather for all windows and doors.
12. Disconnect electrical appliances if not in use.
13. Use reusable garments.
14. Use a napkin instead of paper.
15. Use garments instead of disposable.
16. Walk or bike if possible.
17. Carpool, if possible.
18. Insert the tires correctly on your vehicle.
19. Recycle engine oil.
20. Launch the compost container.
21. Restricts the use of plant protection products.
22. Honeysuckle only when needed and early in the morning.
23. Plant trees to shield your home.
24. Replace the gas-powered lawnmowers with electrical appliances.
25. Burn stoves that meet federal emission standards.

Our children are listening to what they say about our planet's health. And they also listened to us, our parents, to see what we are thinking and what we are doing to make a difference in the future of the planet. They do not expect to make a huge leap. They do not expect us to come out and buy electric vehicles and install wind turbines and solar panels. But … they expect us to start "doing something". They just want us to take care of it and we will do our best to make some difference in the future. My daughter told me after we made the list: "Mom, just imagine if everyone is only 25 of the 25 listed, what would really make a difference?" He said, "If everyone just turns off the lights when he leaves the room … can you imagine the difference?"

My daughter was always interested in the environment, but I did not notice how much. I am very proud of it: 0) and I, in turn, hope that you are proud of me too!

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