& # 39; Green & # 39; Home Decor is lighter than you think

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The idea of ​​creating an environmentally-friendly home immediately reminds the "go green" critiques:

* is too expensive.

* This fad

* It & Fortunately, architects, designers and decorators have listened to these complaints and have some improvement but the first improvement needed is their own attitude towards sustainable

The idea of ​​a sustainable living entity is "less", that is, less water, less energy and less renewable resources, while still creating a home that is comfortable and beautiful.

For example, not all "green" furnishings are expensive, and even the decorative style known as Shabby Chic focuses on the recycling of quality furniture that has been sunk into hard times. which can see inevitable wrinkles, stinging and scratches for a lifetime. Shops such as The Salvation Army, Goodwill and many other charities often wear such items. Some designers recommend using recycled furniture and accessories as a novel look, painted white with one of Shabby Chic's basic colors.

Say, for example, that you need a new dining table. Instead of simply buying one from a furniture store, consider other options, such as a purchased second-hand store that can be refurbished or even made with your desktop set and recycled sawdust.

Another way to decorate your home is environmentally friendly to check for materials that include any furnishings, floorings, or accessories. Do you know, for example, that some new carpet emits formaldehyde steam? Or that certain types of paint can actually be toxic to humans? By reading the nutrition labels to determine what is in our foods, we will be sure to know what materials we use to decorate our home.

On the other hand, if you like an existing part of your home furnishings that you do not need to replace from natural materials such as wool carpets. However, if you go to the "green" environment, consider a few new carpet manufacturers. These stylish carpets are made of recycled materials and are colored with non-toxic dyes. Because they are modular, they provide a lot of flexibility in organizing "green" decorations.

Speaking of change, do not simply add your old equipment to the waste stream as you reinstall it. Instead, contact organizations, such as The ReUse People, who recycle you with recyclable items, collect them and send them to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. You can still get a tax credit by donating this way, which can pay for redecoration.

Finally, if you buy new items for the "green" decoration, do not have to worry that it's not really green. Underwriters Laboratories – yes, people who are burners, toasters, coffee makers, etc. Standards have been set up, now a new UL Environmental Protection has been launched. Its goal is to cooperate with manufacturers to validate, test, and validate environmentally sustainable projects, as well as to consumers to interpret products. "green" statements.

See? It's easier and cheaper than the home decoration was "green". Beauty is part of you and your imagination.

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