Are each room in the house different in color?

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One of the dilemmas faced by people reinstalling their homes is whether the whole house should be painted with the same color choices, or better if different color palettes are used in every room in the house. There is no clear answer to this question as there is no right or wrong way. The right choice depends on the type of residence (permanent residence or resort, housing, villa or studio), regardless of whether it is central or not, and ultimately, but not least, the owner's personality.

However, before the staining process begins, a precautionary step must be taken in the industry as "wall stains". This is an extremely rare phenomenon that occurs only once in 100,000 cases and can easily be prevented by using an alkaline-proof insulator on the wall before painting.

If this path is missed, two main factors of the decision are the type of residence and the owner's personality. If you plan to re-design a residence or city center with two or three rooms, sometimes the wisest choice is to have shades of the same colors, but have different intensity in each room. This would provide a uniform style for the whole home and would allow rooms to paint colors corresponding to different rooms. Choosing is not too difficult since most paint manufacturers have customized color combinations available. Stocks combine intense white to pale green with red shades, or from intense white to pastel yellow to a green green.

If a villa or a larger place of residence is used for reclamation with many rooms, the possibilities can be greatly expanded as the space allows more imaginations. In fact, masters not only used different painters, sometimes even contrasts, in other rooms, but certainly different furniture styles, from the east to the baroque to the secession. As such, these places were called accordingly, for example in the Empire's room or in the Louis XIV cabinet. Of course, modern lifestyle is unacceptable to such fantasies, for practical reasons, but it still allows or even encourages the pain of the various rooms in different colors.

The owner's personality is ultimately the most important factor in the balance. Professionals can give advice on unit or diversity, but the owner has the last soy on the case. Conservatives sometimes vote for a stylish unity, while multiple artist personalities will choose to have their place of residence in colors that encourage their creativity and mood. Aesthetics becomes more and more personal choice, leaving the older beauty dogs. So people feel they need an orange day for chocolate brown, most of the sun is sunny, and the blue color of the fireplace has to pass.

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