Benefits of protecting temporary doors during construction

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Home Door is an outstanding and important feature and can be of significant value to your home. Doors may cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and are often expensive, high quality wood. Damage to expensive doors during construction may also cost residents for replacement or repairs. Protecting temporary doors is an intelligent and cost-effective way for builders to reduce construction costs and ensure timely completion of the project. In order to prevent timing damage by using protection, builders can create a positive lasting impression on customers and increase gear ratios. Protection of temporary doors can also be obtained for the customer and the builder.

Commercial construction projects are also beneficial in protecting temporary doors. Metal doors used in a number of commercial projects can be easily and easily scratched. The cost of carpenter care is enhanced by coat or a temporary hollow door. Commercial projects often use hundreds if there are not thousands of doors that make valuable door protection. Doors in commercial and family houses often have an automatic locking mechanism that prevents many door protection devices from working; but there are many attachments that are easy to use and effective.

Door protection is most commonly made of corrugated cardboard that connects through ribbon, velcro or elastic ribbons. The tape is the cheapest method to protect the door; but often clings to the door and leaves an adhesive residue that needs to be cleaned. Adhesive tapes should never be used on wooden doors because the adhesive residue poses a higher risk and the adhesive removal products damage the wood. The Velcro fastening methods used for the door protector are the most expensive way to protect the door and have a good reputation when slipping on the door. Thick Velcro fasteners may interfere with the door function by making door closures impossible. The rubber band fasteners on the DoorGuard keep the door guard in the safest way to the door. The low profile of the bars allows the door to function fully. One of the elastic tapes is a possible break when the installation process is too tight

Construction companies that build green or LEED certified buildings are also beneficial as most of the door protection devices on the market are made of recycled materials and can be completely reused. Door protector and door protector are also made from 97-100% recycled cardboard and can be used for more than one job. You can recycle yourself

To find out more about how to protect the different types of temporary doors and determine which one is best for your construction project, contact your local temporary protection provider.

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