Buy a New Built Condominium? Bring your own real estate agent to your sales office

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Most people are unaware of the fact that when they deal with the sales office's development of a new office building, sales staff help to represent and represent the interests of the builder, making it a good idea as a potential buyer. you have your own representation.

Keeping your own real estate agent to represent you in a new home purchase, you will not be spared, and you can actually get plenty of time and money. A good real estate agent not only represents a transaction with a builder, but ensures that he understands the purchase process and clarifies all the hidden costs of the purchase.

When buying a new dwelling, prices can not be rotated, but their real estate agents can negotiate that certain fees, such as building administrative fees or community and educational fees, should be taken out or taken up.

When a new apartment project is started, builders organize VIP events where real estate agents are invited to deliver their customers to the public before the project is opened. This allows the realtor to get the best floor plans and best prices.

Even though the builder pays his real estate agent, the agent is independent of any real estate developer. That's why your agent can teach you as any new development that may happen without a builder or apartment developer biased.

How do you know the builder thinks the price is fair? Price advice and comparison can be the most important tool for keeping your real estate agent in a new purchase. Not only can the realtor inform you about the current market conditions for new construction and resale markets, but your agent may also offer you the prices of units in similar developments and the sale of comparable units in newly built buildings on the MLS.

A good real estate agent will be able to gain insider knowledge of the neighborhood as they are aware of new construction proposals between residential and commercial buildings projects that reduce pipeline and even paint an image of two or more adjacent horizons three years later, will appear on the road when new housing is completed.

Why are you limiting yourself to a project? Builder sales staff knows their own units only in their own project. Not only your real estate agent can access information on all new home developments nearby but a good real estate agent is also familiar with the shopping opportunities of new construction units for you on resale and commission markets as well.

If you like the idea of ​​living in a new home, but you do not want to wait a few years to build the project, you can explore the resale market for newly built residential homes. Often, newly-built and registered buildings have multiple vendor units that are no longer in MLS and are available for immediate use. This eliminates the guess whether the floorplan can fit on a flat-screen television or if you look at the garbage bin as you see the unit and know exactly what you will get.

Did you have your heart on a special new home project, but did not move fast enough? Now the development is completely exhausted and it is still broken and they are beginning to build. You can purchase the order for you.

The order basically purchases ownership of a condominium that is either not built or not occupied and has not yet been registered in the land registry system. Vendors of dealers are usually people who bought a new home project when they first started, but now they know that their plans have changed and want to sell their rights. So even if a new home improvement is out of stock, you can still purchase the apartment project and a good real estate agent will be able to find these options for you.

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