Classic Living Room Decorating Ideas – Part 2

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Whether you choose to decorate the classic or traditional style of the living room, the second part of our second series offers some wonderful tips and ideas …


Elegance for comfort and comfort is a key element in classical style living. Choose a box-shaped couch with a comfortable soft pillow that is painted with a long hair woven strip or damask. Connect the team with a variety of seating systems with different colors of textiles. This seems more natural than a proper package and can add to the renewal. Chesterfield or chaise longue gives you an authentic touch.

Glassed cabinets are perfect for displaying your favorite porcelain or old books. Wristbands and upholstered upper bodies – either adorned with a cloth or a roll – provide useful surfaces and hidden storage space. Modern elements such as TV and stereo are the best built-in storage systems.

Find Small Decoration Tables for Lamps and Collections in Silver Frame Photos; or buy cheap fibreboard tables and disguise them matching floor length circular dresses cut deep in fringing.

Create soft, atmospheric light with careful lighting. If you have a central chandelier, insert a dimmer switch to create a candlelight glow. Wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps or candles that surround the room create warm light. Large, Chinese-style blue and white or green vases provide good luminaires; wood briquettes made of mahogany or ebony wood are also ideal. Put them in a simple parchment or plain silk.

Large, gold-framed landscapes or portraits seem to have a large, framed mirror above the fireplace. Architectural engravings or botanical prints provide a subtle touch in narrow black frames. Close them in groups, sometimes linking an image with a bow or sticky, printed classic swords and borders.

Choose decorations carefully, avoiding the knocked look; a single large plasterboard – some museums sell a copy of the original antiques – have a real impact on the table or on the fireplace. An important element of symmetry – stylized porcelain dogs or cats are typical of the fireplace on both sides; or place the porcelain figurines over the mantelpiece.


Small touchers can guess the style of classic style. Flowers are always important; create a large, splashing formal display of vegetables and twigs and complement it with fresh flowers in the season. Place the top of the spotted dried flower heads or the potpourri tables to scent the scented air.

Handmade items, such as carpet pillows, old silver and leather-bound books, create a sense of the past. Group items together are carefully complemented by each other.

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