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We all strive for clean health and have a balanced, healthy life. This means that you make the right choices to take care of your body; both emotionally and physically. Dr. Edward F. III. His group inside the release is in a new book: "Cleansing the Green Body: How to Clean Your Body and Hazardous Toxins Home Using Ecological Methods".

Separated into eleven chapters: "Cleaning the Green Body" directs the reader through the dangers of Western lifestyle. Taken a way inside the digestive tract, including the gut flora. He talks about dysbiosis, leaky bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and other disorders, and ends with a new lifestyle using holistic therapies. He emphasizes that every human being has a different biochemistry and what works for man does not necessarily work for another. Dr. Group also includes a colon health self-test that allows the reader to gain insight into how to improve their lifestyle. Control of one of the gastrointestinal mucous membranes is indispensable. Dr. Group "Cleaning the Green Body" explains the entire system in a language that is easy to understand.

Dr. The group wrote about what is toxic in foods and environmental toxins, and how to minimize the impact of dangerous toxins in our daily lives. Part of the toxins should be avoided by genetically modified foods, artificial sweeteners, caffeine drinks such as coffee, milk, soy, salt, white flour, processed and refined foods and monosodium glutamate. Personally, I found a list of toxic fish with different levels of organic mercury to be the most useful. In his book it is also found that the harmful toxins that meet our living environment like synthetic carpets and paint fumes. It provides tips on how to remove these toxic toxins from our domain, such as opening the windows under a storm, to provide oxygenated fresh air. It is also recommended to use non-toxic, earth-friendly detergents.

Dr. The group is a strong supporter of organic foods – preferably locally grown (for farmers) or if we have time to grow your own organic food in your own yard and in your residential area. The reader gives fantastic tips for organic vegetables and fruits. How can someone in the right way think of the zucchini and the yellow squashot that is genetically modified? He writes that children who consume non-organic foods can maintain up to 8 times the amount of organophosphate that can cause growth defects, childhood leukemia, brain tumors, asthma and other serious illnesses.

"Purifying the Green Body" consists of five steps to clean both your home and your home. Dr. Group explains each of the 5 steps exactly how to clean the body in an easy-to-read form; these steps are:

1. Purification of the colon
2. Purification of liver and gallbladder
3. Parasite (harmful organic purification)
4. Chemical and heavy metal cleaning
5. Purification of green lifestyle (Home cleaning and work of harmful toxins) 19659002] This book was filled with valuable information about the environment and provided invaluable values ​​for better food-free, holistic life-long toxins. I like Dr. Group explaining the functions of organs and how it affects all of the related functions of foods in the body. Our body needs not only physical exercise, but also knowledge of the functioning of the individual organs and the knowledge of the proper "fuel".

Dr. The group's beautifully illustrated book with appropriate photos, drawings and graphs; all embedded in an indexed text kitchen on high quality paper. Ending with a list of resources for natural therapists, natural sciences and recommended readings. It also includes a CD containing a full description of the "Green Body Cleaning".

I highly recommend "Cleansing the Green Body: How to clean your body and the home of harmful toxins using organic methods" to keep everyone's body like a fine-tuned machine. The goal of life is to be as good as we can. This should be done step by step under the supervision of a physician. Dr. Group has compiled what your body needs to fill out a new, healthier lifestyle from the inside.

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