Color Futures – Paint Trends 2008

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Benjamin Moore says best: "Color is the plan's life". Paint gives you the biggest bang for your decorative dollar. Color is the first element that the eye first looks in shape or size or texture before – color is the first impression.

2008 trends are blues, purple, lavender, earth colors, neutral, black and white and metallic.
BLUE: I've heard that blue is the new green. I love the jeans with blue paper bag. Earthy, yet modern. Blues has an instant soothing effect on your room, and using bright colors, blue cools the overall feeling.

MAGENTA: The purple is bold! I will never forget the reaction of one of my customers when I painted a purple color in a city house with an accent.
A magazine ad inspired by a dark box of chocolates in a purple box. I broke the ad and showed it to my client. He wanted to make a dramatic change after passing a recent divorce. I chose a cocoa chocolate for the small walls of the kitchen and the rest of the day's walls. I got a call when the painters finished painting the purple wall. My client screamed at the phone: "This is not the right color!" I went immediately and thought that there was a mistake. But that was the right color. I asked my client to wait until the room was over.

Fortunately, I insisted on my vision and client, and finally I saw that the purple wall was critically important for generating a city home. Having the area carpet, extensive collection of artwork and accessories, my client saw everything connected. And now five years later he still likes and so does his friends too!

LAVENDER: Every trend starts on the fashion runway. Lavender was five years ago and returned. Lavender may be neutral if it is for the environment, walls, fabrics, carpets, etc. Apply. Mixing textures protects the comfortable feeling.

EARTH TONES: 2008 Terrestrial sounds are not the terrestrial sounds of the 70's. The tomato reds are characterized by caramels, browns and deep curry.

NEW NEUTRAL: Neutral is the simplest way to get a timeless look. You can also get more flexibility with the neutrals. Parchment, chalk and palette provide the perfect backdrop for all kinds of accent color combinations.

BLACK AND WHITE: Black and white rooms are the most important for bold bold designs. Large and small patterns can simply be combined when the base colors are in black and white.

METALLIC: Returning to the handbags, shoes and interior designers are given a metallic wall paint. For a little surprise I use a metallic paint on a porter's ceiling. You can use metal paint on the dining room ceiling to reflect the glittering glow of the chandelier.

I think people get the colors that they wear. Want to look good in your house! Take a look at your wardrobe, do you have the dominant colors you can draw?

This is about how you can use colors to determine the success of a decoration. What natural light do you have in your home? Illumination changes the appearance of colors from wall to wall and from different times of day. Ask your paint shopper to give you large design designs (you can charge a fee based on the pattern) you want to use. Ribbon (with blue ink ribbon) several of these patterns in one room. Then you have the opportunity to see the color change from morning to evening before painting it!

A simple way for a sophisticated look is to choose a color and use more shades of color. Festse is the wall of the dining room in the most colorful shade that he chooses to create a cozy atmosphere. Then, paint the living / great room in the middle of the original color and paint the kitchen in the next shade. Another trend is that the ceiling is painted with the same color as the wall color for a perfect blend.

You do not have to brave the colors of the room. With an accent, such as magenta, as an accessory, the component that makes up your room! The colors used in small doses can be easily digested for family members.

Take the brushes … happy painting!

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