Color Harmony in Rooms – How to Use Color Matching Systems to Choose a Color for Your Home

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When you go to a paint shop to pick a color, a color matching system often appears to help you choose the color. Most people are overwhelmed by the many possibilities and feel frustrated when trying to choose the right color.

The way in which a color matching system is compiled helps you use it more efficiently. In fact, there are only six colors that result in approximately 1000 colors in the color system. They are yellow, orange, red, violet, blue and green. These colors are mixed with black and / or white, resulting in a huge variety of shades.

Each major color has three different shades, from cool to warm. Blue, for example, is a warm, purple, blue tint, with a clear dusk and a cooler shade of turquoise. There are three main shades of primary red, a fiery orange red, a central red, and a cooler red, bluish tint. In the yellow, there is a cool lemon yellow, pure yellow and warm sunflower yellow. The green three shades are warm spring green, pure green and cooler blue-green. Each color shades produce a lot of shades when mixed with black and / or white. However, the warm or cool intensity will remain when mixed with black or white.

For example, a warm spring green becomes hot olives; a cool red will be the cool wine red, the warm orange red becomes a warm rusty red. This is important when considering the combination of chromatic colors. The warm, rusty red orange is red because it belongs to the same color family. However, the same orange red color will not fit easily with the cool wine.

Before you really try to make color choices from color matching systems, it would be helpful to first decide on the color that suits your needs. We can inspire you to study home decorative magazines. If you have decided the color, you can use the color matching system to decide on the exact tint of the color. This way you can avoid overflowing feelings when faced with hundreds of colors in the color matching system.

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