Colors: Their connotations and perceived meanings

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In recent years, colors are used to recall certain emotions, and screening of color history provides a stunning insight into the human condition as well as showing how different cultures have evolved in different color attitudes. Here are some examples of how different colors appear over the years: Red is traditionally associated with courage and love in Western culture, but in China red is the color of happiness and luck. In fact, white is traditionally the most popular color in US bridal gowns, but the Chinese are wearing red dresses.


Gold is a warm color, perhaps because it has sparked the fire, right up until the earliest start of mankind. The wall painting is inclined towards a fine orange, warm brown, stimulates appetite and reduces tension. However, as the orange color becomes brighter, it starts to stir up a high mood and lead to anxiety. Brown

Brown is another warm and rejuvenating color that stimulates appetite and actually tastes foods. This coffee is brown, with all intensity, with or without cream, an ideal restaurant label.


Since the sun is always related to the sun, yellow is traditionally fun. Yellow is also the first color most people see in early spring when daffodils begin to bloom. However, it seems that the Eastern / Western cultural difference is yellow. Chinese expectation is yellow for having seen imperial color since the 10th century, but many western studies have shown that yellow is the least favored color of many people.


Green is another color page. It is related to the new growth of spring, well-being and fresh fresh air, but it can also have a negative connotation of mold, nausea and jealousy. Vegetables are most often regarded as fertility, and in the 15th century, green was the most popular choice for European bridal gowns.


sea and sky, blue is a symbol of serenity and endlessness. This is especially true of the bluish greenish shades like water and palm trees. On the other hand, blue tones are prone to feelings of sadness.


During the millennia, purple is bound to royalties by Western civilizations, as purple dye made from a mushroom shell of a certain kind. Even today, when purple is just as cheaper than any other color, purple is still characterized by elegance and sophistication.

There are stories and connotations in every color, and different cultures give different meaning to the colors. For example, American brides tend to prefer white wedding dresses, while many Asian cultures wear black dresses at their brides and keep white for burial. But no matter what kind of culture comes from, one thing is certain: the colors will always have an impact on people and they should be carefully considered when decorating a house. All rights reserved.

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