Condo Checks – Are They Wasting Money?

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When you buy condominiums in Toronto or Mississauga, there's always a question of whether there is a home supervisor or not, especially for those who bought for the first time with limited budgets.

It seems to be a waste of money, especially if repairs outside the individual unit are the responsibility of the condominium company. However, the interior space of the owner & # 39; responsibility.

Interior Court Homes Surveys were most visible to recent times. Heat-sensitive controls are relatively new in the Toronto and Mississauga residential homes, but they can really become a real estate transaction. With this infrared camera, this technology shows you what is happening behind the surface walls, covers, covers and ceilings that can not be visually inspected. In the bathroom or in the kitchen, there can be a superficial evidence of water leakage. The heat-resistant test shows the source of the leak. In addition, moisture problems that are not visible to the naked eye should not be heat-insensitive. Water and moisture problems can lead to increased mold growth and possible health problems for you and your family. During the thermal test, mold will be detected behind walls and tiles or under the wall, which is not proven by conventional visual inspection.

Electrical Problems

Electrical hotspots hidden by plasterboard can be visually inspected. Heat-sensitive inspection detects these potential fire hazards before the hard road turns out.

Air conditioning

An air conditioning compressor may detect leakage that may otherwise be missing by visual inspection.

Freshly carried out thermometer inspection by a buyer's client on a ceiling and wall was a water problem that was visually unclear and a leak of another unit of the building. It has also been discovered that water leakage of the main washbasin is not visible to the naked eye and the condition of the air conditioner, which would not have been detected by normal visual inspection. Such discoveries allow you to renegotiate the price to resolve the problems.

Do you still think that Home Home Examination is a waste of money?

With the available thermal imaging instructions you do not want to know the status of your new home now?

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