Cool Color in the living room

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Colors of the cool scheme go beyond the simple blue and white equations, as larger colors and no colors can be applied, including black and white, gray and cream, but blue is still the widest and most useful color effect. Blues, blue gray and white natural partners create a relaxed and hormonal living space. This is because they help to promote feelings of calm and gentleness and provide the cool system with strong cleansing and character. The success of the combination is obvious, traditionally and internationally in different ways, from Scandinavian style to Chinese and European ceramics, all of which can be used to encourage your system. The cool, gray blue and white combinations are still linked to the Swedish style and are extremely popular. The cool blues can be interpreted in different sounds for different effects, the gray blues is smart and sophisticated, the aquamarine works well with the purest white and silver tones, dark blue is mostly used in broken patterns to avoid heavy appearances

. it is always worth remembering that cool blues mix well with silver and white. However, in the living room, the coldest ice-blue has been associated with stronger sounds to prevent the appearance of being quite cold and dirty. Alternatively, you can combine different gray shades and many white colors. Avoid overloading the mixed pattern in the cool living room, as this will reduce the wide scope of the subject. However, where the pattern is used, scrolling and trellis patterns retain their appearance light and clear, for example, on a gray green background with a sharp white pattern. Stripes always promote the illusion of expanded space, especially when aligned vertically with dark and light colors such as gray and silver or Chinese blue and porcelain white.

The colorful and decorative additions to the cool living room are balanced and uncluttered. Therefore, empty spaces between color and furniture are playing an important role in the overall composition of the system. Particularly in the living room where furniture and furniture fill the room and the alternation of colors and patterns is overwhelmed, it is a good idea to include elements of broken or light colored items, such as the open-style bookcase, with just a few simple decorations or plain white or creamy pillows . Apart from the decorative content of cool living environments, wall paintings, sofas, pillows, curtains, carpets and carpets, artificial and natural artificial and natural lighting, room size and size, and global location. Because of some of the artificial light bulbs, the blue tint will be greener or warmer. A very pale, cool wall is lost in a large hall and promotes the neutral, rather than the cool feeling, while a darker shade can bring the walls. Therefore, in choosing cool shades, decent samples should be attempted in the room to examine the effect of natural and electric light on the color and pattern when they appear there.

A selection of the right floor coverings should be promoted and anchored to the selected theme. In the cool living room, bleached or colored washed floor tiles form effective foils, perhaps with a simple, painted borderline, to create dominant colors in one room. Alternatively, sleek, modern interior floor tiles can effectively help you cool your look. Most natural floors are cold, but limestone and terracotta retain the ambient temperature

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