Cutting the cost of building a house without depreciation (Part1)

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How do you want to significantly reduce the cost of building your own home without reducing the value or the valued value? Does the appraiser appreciate the costs you have or actually incurred that you add or add to your home or just see the items that are needed for the evaluation process?

As a builder of more than 200 Texas homeowners, we develop methods that reduce construction costs and maintain the value and the overall quality of our construction. Some of these are the secrets of the larger volume Tract Home Builders, which I can share with you.

In the design phase of construction work, consider these savings that do not affect the rating or resale value and in the meantime greatly reduce costs when building your own home:

One home save home. The first entrance garage will use half of the concrete and work surface of the side entrance or the rear entrance garage door.

Place your home as close to the first construction lines as the city and mortality restrictions allow. This shortens the exit and rescues the concrete and the work force again. The width of the drive and the sidewalk can add or subtract the costs. The minimum width of the entrance to the car must not be less than 16 feet in the front entrance of the 2 cars. This is the size of most garages with double doors. However, this is a very narrow and narrow driveway. I would like to spend a little more and have at least 18 feet wide to get in and out of the car without being hit by the car.

When concluding a construction loan, please note the One-Time Closure . Ask your creditor about this type of loan. This kind of loan will save you from closing two or three different loans, bills, temporary construction loans and your final or 15-30 year mortgage loans. All this is packaged in a loan.

Do not close the plot of the temporary construction loan. If the item is purchased, terminated, transferred, and then transferred, Title Rules filing fees and so on. He then closes the temporary construction loan and finally the last 30-year mortgage. There is no need for three different closures and closing costs for each loan. One-Stop Closing will save you terribly. We recommend that when you conclude a contract for a desired item, the contract is valid for obtaining a temporary construction loan and closing it for approx. 60-90 days, allowing you to plan and finance your credentials to be approved.

You can buy inventory designs (plans already planned and sold) that are the cheapest way, or give your ideas or floor plan to a designer your designs that are listed in 19459003 Architect is striking. They account for about one-third of the price of an architect of 19459003 and can call their full plans for their new home needs. I worked from 200 homes at once with an architect once. He was a buyer, whose design was already being stolen by an architect before he talked to me. It's great to be in a difficult situation or in building heavier houses. However, they are inclined to fill the house with many fancy, unnecessary structural supports, and objects that spend more on construction stages.

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