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People long ago asked, "What is your favorite color?" and to be honest, the answer was missed. I love a lot of colors and I can not stand a few; I've never been a fan of pink. But my favorite – I did not know. Then I bought a town house. Luckily, the place was decorated for me. It was mostly peach and I thought that peach was my favorite color. Since the bank broke my home, the decoration was not possible, so it was a good thing to be happy with the peach. But after about two years the peach began to grow old. I decided to renew my whole home again, it will be easy; I have a friend who is a fantastic housekeeper and volunteered, with a small arm bolt that painted everything. All he had to do was deliver the paint. Standing low on Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears, The Great Indoors Paint, the whole thing was blurry. Then I decided to quell the elections.

I started at one end and started picking up the paint chip cards that came out to me. Yellow, green, purple and red. Paint chip cards came home and went up the wall. First, the yellows; they were overwhelmed, especially with the huge daytime sliding door that opened onto a large deck. The outdoor light was yellowish. The reds were just a little too many. I like red, but I do not think I can live with it. It is purple and green, two colors I've always loved. But which purple and green are going together in the same room or we are.

Because I have a lot of vegetables on my deck, I thought green walls would help out the outside. Great – but do you know how many green hues there are? I live in California, which is very hot and I thought something would be green in the dark, slightly warm side. Three hours left for the "perfect" green search for fear and my painter friend was frustrated. I was desperately moving to the left and looking at the cooler vegetables with a blue background. Now I'm not a fan of blue, but the cooler vegetables have just made my eyes.

When you think about it, the cool green has a lot of sense. If the house is hot, I do not want a golden green? Naturally! Half an hour maybe it was perfect green. I cut the perfect green and the chip on both sides and stick it on the wall. As the living room and my dining room illuminate from different angles, I was sure that the chips on the walls were seen at different times of the day.

Once was the perfect green, I needed something to do with it. In the accents some lavender and plum pieces may be great, but what about the decoration and the ceiling. Purple looks like something from the '60s when I loved it, but I'd like to leave it in the past. White is always a good choice, but white can be. . Well, white. What I found was a white, slightly warm yellow color. Cool green and warm white? This does not sound like a Homes and Garden decorating choice. But you know what – they looked fantastic together. And when the ceiling and the decoration were painted and the walls were finished, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen (I could not stand in two rooms) looked really like one of the magazines.

As a photographer and artist, I wanted something to really tap on the walls, so I chose a great photo from my collection. This is the name of the "Diamonds of Heaven"; this is a simple photo after the leaves immediately after a rainy shower. The heavy raindrops on the leaves are like the most beautiful 10 carats of Harry Winston. The kitchen – well, I did not find anything, so a pastel piece was painted at the riverbank. The basket contained a bread, a bottle of wine and a half-full cup, a little cheese and a corkscrew. I do not drink, but the painting looks good, what the hell?

In the living room there is an oversized plum glass tray that sits on a glass top table beside a green wall. Some photos, the "not my grandchildren are beautiful", share the space with the skeleton. And a plum and white candle on a plum glass of upright looks good on the coffee table.

So start a color. And if you can not find the desired color, you will change the focus slightly. If I had not spent all the time convincing myself that I would only be green in green, I could find my "perfect" green before my painter would have been threatened with great physical damage.

And once you've done the first conversion, the rest are simple. My bedroom is green-based lavender.

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