Designing radon mitigation in your new home

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The occurrence of Radon Gas in areas around the United States is a growing concern. Radon at the University of Iowa caused a number of non-smokers in the number 1 of lung cancer.

If your home is a higher-risk area, you should plan a radon reduction system early. In many areas, there is now a need for a test for residential real estate in all real estate transactions, and this probably covers most of the areas with higher risk. In any case, health is well felt by small investments in installing such a system.

Basics or Slab-On-Grade are installed on a Basement or Slab-On-Grade basis by inserting a perforated tube under the plate into a crushed rock and plug into a basement. This pipe is ventilated to the outside world (from any window of the house or from our neighbors, preferably through the roof), the so-called passive radon-reducing system. If the test shows that levels are still too high, then it is likely that an active radon-reducing system will need to be transformed by installing a fan that is running continuously, resulting in low pressure under the plate and increasing gas exhaust speed. So you want the disc to penetrate an area that is easily accessible and has electrical power to the fan.

Radon gas is found at various levels in almost every area of ​​the country. Visit the EPA Radon mapping zone at the following link.

Radon Map Zone Pink areas represent the highest risk, followed by orange and yellow. Click here to check the county's specific risk level.

Many times the fan is located in the attic, especially when the base is of poor quality or sliding location. Also remember to make sure that the opening on the roof does not let the water drop down to the pipe on the plate below it, that would not be good for many reasons.

Infrastructure planning and installation of the passive system for approx. From $ 150 to $ 300. this would save 150-300% of the cost of retrofitting. Active systems add 250 to 550 dollars depending on the size of your home. Download Build Radon Out . The radon system is a simple task, but you do not necessarily plan on installing it in your new home, without causing significantly higher costs.

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