Difference between fiberglass composite poles and fiberglass poles

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Architectural columns can be great for new home or restoration projects. Today, there are many different column styles, and you need to know that the difference between different columns can determine in the long run what the application will look like.

The most popular columns are made of glass fiber or fiberglass composite material. The differences between the two materials are the amount of resin used, the thickness of the columns and the weight of the columns. Glass fiber composite poles are made of marble powder, resin and fiberglass. The wall thickness is about ½ "and is considerably heavier than the glass fiber columns The fiberglass columns no longer contain marble dust, only made of fiberglass and resin with a wall thickness of about 3/16" and approx. 2 lbs. per square meter. The composite columns are load-bearing and the real fiberglass (FRP) columns are decorative pole joints.

Both materials have advantages. The composite columns are smaller than 6 "diameters up to 12" in diameter. In the 14 "to 18" diameter range, both materials work equally well for cost factors. If you reach larger sizes, the FRP columns may be more advantageous for the project because less lighter metabolism will be less likely to be installed. For example, a 18 "diameter composite column weighs up to 400 pounds, a fiberglass pile weighed 125 pounds, no crane or boom would be needed to maneuver the larger FRP columns, and the personal choice factor to which the column best

Another difference is the use of capitals with columns between the two materials: the Tuscan style capital and the base are both in the composite column and in the FRP column, these caps and soles above the axis in both states, they do not increase their height and can easily be cut off at the site, cut from the bottom of the shaft to cut the column to the desired height such as the Roman Corinthian, the Ionic, the Scamozzi, the Wind House, the Modern Composite and others, the installation method helps to determine which material to use, the composite column stole the decorative capitals g capabilities. It is not designed to cover the structural supports. This may cause problems if you are trying to hide a 4×4 entry or broadcast it. The FRP uppercase letters are a thin walled shelled shell made for conveying the structural columns

Both materials consist of different styles and sizes that are round and square, smooth and thin, with conical and straight axes.

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