Different color schemes to decorate your home

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It often happens that homeowners are overwhelmed by the choice of room color schemes. Choosing a system is that once you select one color, you have to decide on other possible colors to fit in the room as well. So, how do you choose the right system? The best way to do this is to consult the color wheel.

What is a color wheel?

Sir Isaac Newton was the first person to start using the colored wheel after making an experiment with a prism. He discovered that pure white light was reflected in a wide spectrum of colors. Since then people have used this spectrum to decorate and classify colors.

Classification of Colors on Color Wheels

Wheel Colors are categorized into three different categories.

first Primary, which are red, yellow and blue.

2nd Secondary, which are orange, green and purple. These colors come from mixing the primary colors.

3rd Tertiary colors that are red-orange, yellow-orange, blue-green and yellow-green. These are the primary combinations of the primary and next colors.

Monochromatic Schematic Explanation

A monochromatic color scheme sounds exactly the way it sounds. This includes choosing a color and just using the entire room. The key to monochrome color assortment is to pick different colors from light to dark. The design can be white in appearance.

Explanation of the analogue scheme

An analogue scheme contains two or six different colors in the room. All of them should be on the wheel side. For example, if you choose red, the colors in the colors are orange or purple, as they are red on the wheel. It's a wise decision to start choosing and then pick the accent colors.

Reduced color scheme explanation

The free system is one of the most popular decorating systems used by people. It starts with a main color, such as yellow, and then searches for free colors directly on the wheel cutter. In the case of yellow, the free color would be in the purple family. Another example would be green and pink. You can play with it and mix with the colors of your family, for example, green and pink or green and red.

Explanation of the Triad Scheme

The three-color scheme is another popular design for homeowners. There are three colors that make a triangle on the wheel. The triple can be the orange, green and purple system. You can choose to use one of these colors for the primary and other accents, or use two for the primary colors, then highlight the third one.

When choosing any color scheme in your home, remember that white and black are neutral and can be added to any color and do not overly alter the scheme. Play with the wheel and the different color schemes to come up with some great options for the rooms.

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