Different methods used by excavation contractors

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Digging is an important construction technique that is needed to build and remove contaminated soil. This includes the extraction of sites for new constructions and foundations. There are four methods for doing the excavation. These are:

Vertical Discovery

This method is applied in large urban areas where many layers can be used. In this method, each layer is shown in vertical sections. The earliest groundwork with vertical drilling was the Wheeler Box Grid system. Keyhole excavation is one of the most advanced examples of the vertical excavation method.

Horizontal Digging

This is another important technique used only in two or three layers of shallow places. There are cases where horizontal and vertical digging is required. In such cases both methods are combined.

Stairway Digging

Then the stairway method is usually used in areas where deep digging is required. The process involves a large surface on the surface which is smaller in size as it is down.


Cofferdam is also a very important method to carry out the excavation. It is mainly used in areas where deep exploration is taking place and where the pages have collapsed. Used for watertight locations.

All of these methods are very important and delivered to your site. Individuals can only expect better results if they hire quality excavator entrepreneurs with appropriate knowledge, experience, tools and equipment.

You can choose quality digging professionals through web sites. Many sites are available by comparison. So we can compare the prices and features of different excavation professionals and fit them to their needs and budgets.

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