Enter a family daytime design and style update

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To update your family's daylight, follow our light decorative ideas:

Refresh your living room with color

Color for a Neutral Room is the Perfect Way to Provide Immediate Boost

Choose Color

Look around the living room, if you already have a drop of color (in this room we have chosen curtains), we will start repeating it in the room. The soft shade, like this Apple Mist, is ideal for a new, relaxed design.

Pillow Pillows

The pillow-top couch gives a really comfortable atmosphere to the family room. The layer repeats a variety of patterns, mixing checks with flowers, and coordinating the schemes, repeating part of the fabric used in curtains.

Do not forget accessories

Add accessories to the selected color in the room. Here Green Ceramics and Glassware Are Perfect for Work

Create a Contrast System to Add a New Room to the Living Room

Give a neutral living room to warm up with fine orange, earthy red and biscuit. 19659002] Selecting Two-Pill Cushions

The textures and pillows of contrasting earthy colors are essential for this system. Fill the couch with a mixture of pillows and striped fabrics, work well for curtains and blinds

Create a zone area

A natural carpet that has a lot of texture looks great on a neutral carpet and helps determine the seat surface.

Add Details

Plates, vases, lights and picture frames come to end with a lot of earthy tones and bring a warm look.

Use decorative details to create a new living room [19659003] Take your part from day to day functionality to the delight of pattern, texture, and adjustment

Add a shimmer

Fun touch, lots of additions, textured with designs and shiny details.

A statement image, lamp, or carpet can transform your room and create an immediate focus

Background Simple

Let your accessories steal your show with neutral backgrounds, backgrounds, or fine tones You can enable the statement lamp or wall paintings

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