Expert Advice: Choosing paints for interior walls

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There is something about painting the house. First, it's incredibly cheap. Almost completely transform your guests' feelings when they enter the entrance door for less than $ 100 investment for the paint and the necessary materials. On the other hand, the ink is powerful. When choosing the right color, you will do everything in the house. But this is the hard part. Choosing the colors for the interior walls is difficult, and you often feel that blind spots are in place before a copy of a warehouse.

To help you make the best decision in your home, here is a guide to selecting the dye colors used for interior walls of different rooms

Oh, one last comment: Different homes are open to different rooms. Keep this in mind as you choose the colors of the interior walls. In any of the rooms where visitors first enter, you want to be bold and beautiful without overcoming. This room is typically a living room, so let's start, but pay attention to the first room of your home.

Living room

What is important when choosing a dyed color in the living room? Start with these three things:

  1. Natural light
  2. Furniture color
  3. Space

If your room is full of natural light, you can get more terrestrial sound that adds darkness to sunlight during the day. If you do not have natural light then go for something easier.

Use your living room in your living room. You want the living room to have a primary color and two accent colors. For example, there may be a large, thick carpet that creates the primary color. Then use the furniture and the walls as accents. Or you may have a beautiful painting at the fireplace that creates a pretty accent. Then you can use the other accents and wall paint for the primary color. No matter how much you divide things, balance is key.

See the distance too. Brighter toner colors can make the small, tight daylight brighter. You certainly do not want a narrow daylight, with little natural light that also has dark, earthy paint colors.


There are many options for coloring in the kitchen: wall hangings, curtains, cup towels, granite, even a fun mixer. That's why I prefer to be gracious, neutral gray for the kitchen. (I've always liked Dorian Gray but it's just me.) Find the right gray and you'll get a nice palette that can add colorful color palettes.

Not neutral? All right, that's completely understandable. The kitchen can be folded in yellow, green or blue. Green is very versatile when lighter accent colors are paired and yellow is like bringing the sun to the home. Blue is good if your kitchen is full of neutral towels, granite, curtains, etc.

Do you really want to be in the kitchen? Pass the paint and take part in as a wallpaper . I'm not enough yet, but …


If something resembles me, you're not doing it all in the bedroom like reading a book, preparing for work, and resting. (Well, the other thing is, but stay on the subject.) That's why the bedroom is the perfect place to relax with the soothing and relaxing colors.

What colors are relaxing and relaxing? Try levander, soft green or iced blue. I know that many homeowners simply can not help but bring bolder stamps to their village. If you are tempted to get a stronger bedroom color, put it in a guest room or a children's room. They are a perfect place for a bit more adventurous.


The bathroom typically has little natural light. If anything, you may have a matt window, but most of the bathrooms have no windows at all.

With this in mind, go to the hardware store and fill the lighter colors of the blue-gray family – this is the best choice for bathroom colors. Take the actors home and place them on the floor to see how they work with lighting and tile, hardwood or vinyl flooring.

I've used this method in the past, and a swatch has always jumped on me. You want the same success! But besides the kitchen, the bathroom is another place where you can try the fun wallpapers – especially the pool bath.

Ultimate idea of ​​dyeing colors for interior walls

I say so much, but: the rules have to be broken. Drop everything I've been writing in the window when you're painting colors you just do not like. Always stay true to your taste and you can not do bad.

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