Feng Shui Colors for Rooms – Dress Up Your Home With More Colors and Energies

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Earth, fire, water, metal and wood. Color is a natural extension of the element. The purpose of Feng Shui is to balance all the elements of your environment to produce positive energy or Chi. Choosing Feng Shui colors is an affordable way to change your energy. You can choose colors depending on the type of Chi cultivation or respect your own personal element. Knowing elements and colors can help you choose the color for you.

The element in the home is Earth Element. Colors of the earth element, such as beige and pale yellow, provide protection and reliability throughout your relationship. Both colors are good for large living spaces.

The fire element's colors are red, orange, strong yellow, purple and pink, the most vivid colors of the rooms in Feng Shui. These colors nourish a lot of energy.

In the bedroom the red sparkles. At home office, he brings energy into career, helping career recognition. Too much red excess and fight, so do not use it too much and use it sparingly in the child's room.

Orange creates vibrant, playful energy and promotes good social interactions. Great choice for playrooms or kitchens. It uses brilliant, cheerful self-esteem and large spaces or nursery rooms.

Pink is the color of love and promotes romance. Combine with other colors; Use orange to spice, green for calm and sophistication, black party. One color that needs to be used with purity is purple. This is a high vibration color and floods the space. Instead of using purple walls, use Amethyst crystals or cushions to keep purple in your place.

Water has a wealth of ancient symbols and a strong Feng Shui cure. The Water Element colors are blue and black. Blue brings fresh, clean energy to space. The gentle blue promotes good learning while the deep blue calms and promotes good sleep. The most joyful combination of sky blue and white. The Aqua player. Combine with wood elements for good synergistic energy.

Blacks carry the energy of power, defense, and power. This is a good grounding color. It gives sophistication to any room, but it is used in the dining room, in the kitchen, and in a child's room.

Tree elements can be used as an ancient Feng Shui cure for financial wealth and abundance. The traditional wooden elements are green and brown. Green brings healing, growing energy to a room. To maximize energy, use vegetables in different shades in one place. Plants are a great way to achieve this.

Brown is the ideal color for entrances, bedrooms, or kitchens, as it delivers nourishing energy. Brown makes a nice front wall in the living room. Combined with blue, it creates synergistic energy and a stunning design statement (think brown and robin's egg blue).

The Metal Element colors, gray and white, help the lightness, accuracy and accuracy of thinking. They are clear or clear in your space. Gray energy is clear and sharp, with accent or entrance, living room or home office. White, the purity and calmness of color gives pure, fresh energy. Do not use all the white color schemes, but rather emphasize or contrast. White is great in bathrooms or in meditation rooms.

Now that you know what the colors of the rooms are like in Feng Shui and you have an idea of ​​the mood you want to create, you are ready to get out and color and revitalize the power of your place with the color!

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