Feng Shui Living Rooms

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The living room or family room is usually the home's most public space, so it is important that the chi or energy is well balanced in these spaces to support the family in the best possible way. Daytime YANG is considered in nature, so adding soft pillows and rounded furniture can add a small YIN to the room. Fresh leafy green plants help to balance space energy.

Your room should not overload the room. Furniture pieces that are too heavy for your room clearly break the flow of chi. In this room you feel uncomfortable. Choose rooms that match your room. In Feng Shui, more is not always better. Simplicity allows chi to flow freely and never let the room be too crowded!

Furniture layout is also important. It is best to place the heaviest pieces on solid walls. If possible, try arranging your couch and chair to create an octagonal or rounded shape. It creates a healthier balance in the room.

Do not try to disassemble the chair. A smaller angle is recommended. Re-arrange the furniture so that the pieces are not directly under the heavy beams, especially if this is the main family room. While sitting under the beams or during sleep, it may cause a feeling of repression. Using these tips, you and your family can enjoy time together and create good Feng Shui.

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