Finding the power to live the most complete life

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Without God's guidance, our response to suffering is a futile attempt to find solutions to circumstances that can not be resolved. We fall into a world where, despite wondering drugs and medical breakthroughs, suffering becomes more intense. All the suffering, we know, is not physical. Today we need to find more power to live a full life

Personal pain has been with us since the beginning of humanity, but despite the wars and illnesses of the past, it was never when a mirror in the world was so desperate. People change (badly), there is no longer the love of love, the culmination of materialism, truth becomes a little alien, and sometimes people are more likely to hear a lie than truth. Nothing seems satisfactory. It's not politics, not education, not financial possession. I've seen many rich people who have sleepless nights … and they'll be amazed at what they can expect, as it seems they have everything.

As men and women find spiritual independence (independence from God), they have lost the goal in life. The value of a human personality is often the same as what we are doing, we are doing a person's occupation, community position or bank account … How shallow! Human dignity is worth more and the diversity of mankind is such a gift to show us the true value of life!

While individual suffering has no delay and collective suffering continues, there are some who found shelter in the middle of the rubble. what is the difference between the paraplegic woman and the smile that throws the room and the millionaire on suicide? Or why do you accept the balance in a painful time and the other becomes a self-indulgent anger?

Humanity thinks this is a reflection, not a beautiful sight!

There is so much suffering around us – or in us. You may be suffering from personal suffering or the burden of others.

With bitterness, we can react as some of the pain as the natural part of life and the living conditions of the world accept the pain. We can not suffer from suffering, but we can determine our response.

This article does not provide solutions to the challenges of life and personal pain, but provides for food. Peace can not be found outside – not in gadgets, cars, money or lifestyle, but deep within. Learn quiet moments where you go deep with yourself and find out who the real one is. Also, to build a relationship with God, God is irreplaceable in your life. My prayer is that many heartbreaking voices find peace in the world of pain and hope in hopeless situations.

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