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Feng Shui is an ancient wisdom that originated from ancient China about 3,000 years ago. The culture of society and the economy, the embodiment of cultural stability, changes from generation to generation.

Feng Shui encompasses the study of landscape, air, space, space, time, sunlight and humidity. This knowledge is control, balancing and harmonization of the forces called chi. The person is different from person and place to place. Different people have different experiences in different locations.

Ba Gua or the eight trigrams are a symbol representing the universe. The formation and permutation of Ba Gua is related to human affairs and the natural phenomenon. Ba Gua is one of the most sacred symbols of ancient Chinese culture. It symbolizes the relationship between Heaven, Earth, and Man, and Time. It includes various studies in economics, politics, military science, philosophy, literature, medicine, martial arts and architecture.

We are all living under the two inseparable fields of Chi, above us the immense vast square, and below us the constant power of the Earth. We live and raise our family here. This is our home.

Some Free Feng Shui Tips For You: Feng Shui Tip 1: The Impact of Electric Appliances on Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the popular areas of the house were considered to be as wide-ranging as the positive energy flow should be smooth. You should not prevent the flow of Chi (or Qi) in the favorable sectors. Therefore large or heavy furniture should not be placed there. This is also an important concept in Vastu Shastra's practice.

In Feng Shui, sound and electrical energy have an effect on activating Feng Shui stars (good or bad). Therefore, placing electrical appliances such as a television, radio, fan, or computer can affect a house's Feng Shui. These electrical equipment

should be placed in more favorable sectors. Furniture that can be placed in unfavorable sectors includes a sofa, a cupboard, etc.

Usually, the left side of the day is the Green Dragon, while on the right is the White Tiger. The green dragon is considered favorable, while the white tiger is considered unfavorable. Electrical equipment should normally be placed on the left side of the living room, while large furniture such as a cupboard or sofa should be placed on the right side of the room.

Feng Shui Tip 2: A Road That Bends Out of the House

In Feng Shui, the roads are the modern version of water. So a curve of a road affects the house's Feng Shui. From the house facing the entrance, a bendy road creates a strong and negative energy stream directed toward Shar Chi (Sha Qi). As water represents the richness of Feng Shui, the presence of such a route will have a negative impact on the residents of the house.

To solve this problem, place a windshield before the entrance to prevent negative "Shar Chi" (Sha Qi) "entry" directly from the entrance.

Feng Shui Tip 3: A Long, Straight Way to Creating Shar Chiet (Sha Qi)

In Feng Shui, a long straight road towards a house can create a Shar Chi Sha Qi) house. The longer the road is, the stronger the Shar Chi (Sha Qi), which is created. Residents of the house opposite Shar (Sha Qi) may encounter problems such as accidents or other "blood-borne" events, such as surgery or surgery.

The simplest way to solve the problem is to place the windshield before the door or the entrance. This prevents Shar Chi (Sha Qi) from entering the house.

Feng Shui 3. Tip: Door in front of the other door

In the Feng Shui door to another door you can create Shar Chi (Sha Qi) between the two doors. There are four possible scenarios:

(a) The main door of a house opening in the main house of the other house of the house

In this scenario, prisoners of houses are likely to be fast and often quarrel. To solve this problem, place the windshield in front of the door.

(b) The door of the room facing the toilet door

This scenario is being conducted in a house. Among the problems of rapid frustration and frequent quarrels, inmates in prison may develop digestive and urinary tract disorders. To solve this problem, place a windshield in front of the toilet door if the room is large enough. If there is not enough room for the windscreen, just close the toilet door.

(c) Room door facing the kitchen door

This scenario is not as problematic as the first two scenarios. Nevertheless, prisoners of premises are sentenced for accidents and minor injuries, and when the problem is time-consuming, prisoners may suffer serious accidents. To solve this problem, place a windshield or tie the bead curtain in front of the kitchen door.

(d) The door to the other door facing the room door

This scenario is the four least damaging. Temperaments may occasionally occur, and if employers work in an office environment, office policy is often the case. To solve this problem, make a bead curtain at the room door.

Feng Shui Tip 4: Favorable Main Door Positioning

The main door plays an important role in a house in Feng Shui. Therefore it is important that the main door is located in a favorable part of a house. Generally speaking, the main door must be positioned in a position that allows the positive Chi (Qi) flow into the housing.

If there is a pond or empty space in front of a house, the main door should be placed in the center of the house facing the lake or in the empty space.

If a road moves from the front of a house and goes down from left to right (or the left side of the road is longer than the right side of the house), the main door is on the right side of the house on the road.

If a road moves at the beginning of the house and slopes to the right and to the left (or the right side of the road is longer than the right side at the front of the house), the main door is on the left side of the house on the road.

The windscreen can be used to repair the location of an undesirable main entrance.

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