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No house is perfect. Even the best built and best maintained homes have always been a few items in less than perfect condition. Below are some of the items that we usually look at at home.

Roofing Rainy shingles are one of the most common mistakes. Usually this does not mean that the roof is to be replaced, simply maintenance or repair is required. Weather and aging are typical. There are more problems with the shingles, the loss of granules and the failure to blink. Multiple layers of shingles are also common but can give too much weight to the roof frame.

Ceiling Stains Past or present leaks that cause suture spots are common too. Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether or not the spots are still leak-proof or caused by leakage repaired by them. But there are moisture detection devices that can be used to determine if there is an active leak. Sometimes it may be as simple as a bathtub overflow or a wax film before it leaks.

Electrical hazards Most common in older homes, but often found in newer homes. Electrical hazards arise in a variety of shapes, with less reverberant polarity, earthed coverings and double socket wrenches that give rise to issues of concern such as bribery and improper wiring by the homeowner.

Broken wood It has been caused by moisture for a long time, most of all around baths, showers and toilets around the roof window and upholstery.

Water Heaters Many water heaters are not installed according to the local water pipe code. Our job is not to bring today's code to the household to help protect your security. Common problems are the missing TPR overflow pipes, galvanic electrolysis and calcification. Fortunately, water heaters are not too expensive. If they are properly maintained, they may last for 20 or more years, but they will last 10 to 12 years under "normal" conditions.

Gas boiler Most gas stations require routine maintenance, such as new filters and cleaning / service. There are many issues, such as faulty operation or inappropriate fire brigade. We also see the flames emptying (they need cleaning) and rusty heat exchangers. More concern is short cycling, gas leakage, or cracked heat exchanger.

Drainage Faults Water pipe problems are commonly found: drip faucets, leakages, slow drains, etc. Even in brand new homes, smaller water faults are common. Additional concerns are incorrectly pumped injection pumps, unsuitable water jet pumps, missing faucets, or leaks / corrosion of the pipes causing pressure or damage.

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