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For years the scientist has been growing at risk of global warming. Unfortunately, only a few people have observed the call for environmentally friendly products. Today, climate change awareness has increased. This awareness has increased the way for various industries to produce green technologies and products.

The furniture industry is also taking action in the industries involved in global warming. The title of the initiative is Palecek furniture importer. The company pointed out that retailers could support the move of sustainable furniture without sacrificing profits. Allan Palecek sent a message to retailers at the Atlanta Council of Sustainable Furniture Council.

At a meeting on the Atlantic International Gift and Home Textile market, retailers are being briefed on what they can do to balance sustainability and profit support. Palecek stated that there is a way to maintain a balance between the two. He said that this is especially possible if consumers recognize the threat of climate change. Palecek also said that this mind becomes much more attractive to the youngger generation of buyers.

"Your job is to understand and help educate consumers," Palecek said during the conference. The consumer has to be aware of what's going on … Young people will have the opportunity to stay behind. "

In his speech at the event, Palecek said that the company has dealt with the manufacture of bamboo baskets in the 1970s, and as part of the company's commitment to a sustainable future, sustainable materials such as sea grass, spun, rattan and abaca. Using the diversity of products, the company was able to remain committed to environmental protection.

"This kind of material was responding to the market and people," Palecek said. Recycling and use of sustainable products is hand in hand. Palecek said there are ways in which furniture manufacturers can balance sustainability and profitability, saying that there is still room for improvement. plastics are still being used, foams are also dangerous to the environment and are also used for packaging furniture and other related items such as crane mirrors .

"An incredible amount of energy is wasted on packaging – it's billions of dollars," Palecek said. "Some are recycled but most of the wasted product."

At the SFC meeting a standard standard for retailers telling consumers, which products are manufactured without damaging the environment, which shows that the industry is working hard to make the world a better place for future generations

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