Galvanized Light Meter Steel Vs Red-Oxide Primed

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Bare steel rusty in a couple of days when it comes to batteries. To avoid this, the bare steel surface should be coated. Most steel manufacturers use a redox primer for all structural steel components. There are those that use galvanized metering secondary steel for their standard material while heavy rigid frames will remain with a redox primer. So what's the difference between the two, and does it have the advantage of galvanized secondary steel?

For most applications, the redox primer is more suitable than the galvanized version. That is why redox is used in most commercial and agricultural constructions from the back yard to the highest skyscraper. There are, of course, cases where zinc is recommended. Galvanizing can be useful in corrosive environments, for example in chemical plants or in shore roof systems. Various degrees of galvanization involve various related costs. High-quality galvanizing is expensive and makes a versatile material into a very annoying substance. Galvanized steel can not be painted, bent for purpose or welded with no toxic fumes. Since the galvanized part can not be painted, no changes can be made. This is also extremely abrasive and should be handled with gloves at all times. Galvanized steel does not resist oxidation when exposed to moisture. Typically galvanized steel white rust is formed, which can be ugly. Redox-based steel can also form surface rust when exposed to moisture for a prolonged period, but the primer color hides rust.

Redox Primer is a water based paint and safe for the environment. After application to all structural steel structures of the steel structure, surface rust is inhibited. The primer is very durable and is resistant to the ability to withstand the load bearing capacity and to unload the truck as well as on-site handling. The base steel also keeps the weather before the metal building is completed. In the primer design, it is possible to paint the steel in any color to suit the interior of the building, if necessary.

Redox-based steel is best suited to all steel applications. With greater flexibility, lower cost and aesthetically better than galvanized steel, primary raw material is selected by most manufacturers worldwide

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