Great incentives for new construction

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There are great programs to buy new homes in San Jose (and other areas too), which will end very soon. For many San Jose City programs, the buyer must be contracted by 4/24/09. Yes, this is very soon. But if you are interested in new construction in San Jose, then you should move quickly. City incentives from $ 40,000 to $ 110, ooo, which I personally saw with programs. And there is also MCC money. Plus, as long as the funds are down, from 1 March 2009 to 1 March 2010, new builders can receive a $ 10,000 tax credit. Many of the new communities also offer creditors incentives up to $ 20,000, which can be used to close costs and other incentives. Some even offer device packages that put a new fridge, washing machine and dryer in the shop. And if you're eligible, you can still get $ 8,000 tax credit for booting. Something to think about.

The first time that a buyer's young couple just contracted for a fabulous city in downtown San Jose. The price is $ 483,000 and the city provides $ 111,000 in city support, so buyers pay only a minimum pre-payment of $ 371,000. They are also likely to receive MCC credit. The lender will give you $ 10,000 in closing cost credits and the construction wire in a new washer, dryer and refrigerator. In addition, they have a $ 10,000 tax credit to buy a new home and a $ 8,000 tax credit for the 2009 purchase. Very exciting!

You can contact me if you are interested in more information. There are some guidelines and more detailed explanations for those interested.

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