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A lot about sustainable lifestyles and green homes. The beauty of this concept is that it can be applied to every space. While the ability to integrate green interiors is higher in under construction, much can be done to transform your existing home into green areas. There are no fixed patterns for the green interior because the design has to be tailored to local climatic and environmental conditions. Analyze the aspects of your square, because green homes optimize natural energies, as the sun and wind direction are the two main aspects.

We can start by opening days that allow sunbeds to enter the house in the first third of the day. These radiation have a healing effect and are not strong enough to warm up the space. Avoid rough rays running at noon and noon because these rays are strong and hot. Curtains can be mounted or secured outside, which can prevent hard rays from entering their home. Double-pane windows work very efficiently to maintain heat, while allowing the interior of the light to flow.

Green interior spaces facilitate wind and cross ventilation. Unfortunately, the wind does not go the same way all year round. In India, however, the wind blows mainly southwest or northeast. So if you can cross-ventilate from south-west-north-east, you can enjoy the natural breeze almost year round.

Interior decoration accessories, such as water fountains and vegetables, can play a great part in keeping the inside temperature in balance. The sound of finely horizontal water is also very reassuring. Water circulating in the room cools down, so room temperature remains low. Indoor plants regulate indoor humidity and reduce the concentration of toxic chemicals in indoor air. Plants also reduce dust particles in the air. So your interior is cleaner, cooler and fresher.

You can also change your home electronics and create new power generation equipment. Monitor the installation of solar panels for the backup power source, heaters, geysers and water purifiers. Insert LEDs with dimensionalizers as they consume very little energy. Remove toxic paint. Set low flow WCs. If you undertake a major renovation, you can change the floor to make it ecological with natural elements. Take measures for harvesting rainwater. Recycle ecological garbage and use as fertilizer for plants. Do not use decomposable materials, eg. Plastic

Green homes combine the creative use of available space and the strong knowledge of energy and temperature factors. The opportunities are many. So all this leads to the conclusion that he is willing to invest in his new home. The process will take a bit, but if you take into account the total cost savings you can enjoy with your energy and medical bills, the initial investment will surely cost you

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