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Based on the art of interior design, our desire is for living spaces that harmonize practice and style. The room must look good and serve its function well. But there is a third aspect that has been in the forefront of interior design discussions in recent years: what about environmental protection?

Fortunately, environmental protection and comfortable and stylish interior design are not incompatible with goals. Yes, the interior decoration requires the use of raw materials in furniture, fittings, appliances and fittings, which has an inevitable effect on the environment somewhere in the consumer chain. But armed with some knowledge, it is easy to find environmentally friendly (and stylish) alternatives to traditional interior design materials and devices.

first When painting a room, use paint that does not contain solvents. These environmentally-friendly toner cartridges serve as a healthier alternative to traditional dye because they do not emit environmentally-friendly toxins and prove to be as effective as ordinary dye.

2nd When purchasing wood (whether floor coverings or building structures), wood is cut from local forests to avoid contributing to long-term carbon dioxide emissions. See the FSC symbol for the purchased wood. This is the Forestry Board, a non-profit organization that enables you to identify which wood industry companies do not contribute to global deforestation.

3rd Install energy-saving lighting and electrical equipment. This was one of the most popular green interior design trends and the use of biodegradable products and building materials. The replacement of old fluorescent bulbs is a common green interior design with new LED lamps. Look for energy-efficient refrigerators and other appliances.

4th Consider the alternative of traditional wood furniture. Bamboo shelves and other similar products are well suited for offices and other workspaces.

5th Recycling and recycling of glass and metal products. These two raw materials are easy to recycle and retain their quality several times over the production cycle. The use of recycled glass and metal products reduces the need for natural resources and saves energy that would otherwise be needed to create products.

And remember, when you buy material for an interior design project, make sure you buy from trusted environmental companies. So much attention was paid to the question of global warming that there are companies who are looking for losses by simply marking their green products without meeting the required standards. Make sure you do the research.

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