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The wasteful use of terrestrial resources will have an absolute impact not only for ourselves but for future generations as well. If we all create good green habits, we can really make a huge difference.

Take this quick quiz to see how well you do it.

* Do you use biodegradable cleaning agents?

* consistently recycles all household rubbish you know?

* Do you walk a short distance, not the car?

* Switch your computer overnight?

* Did you have a vegetable garden?

* Avoid buying high-end products?

* If you deliberately buy locally produced products wherever possible?

* Do you use a cold water cycle to wash your clothes, not hot?

* Do you use the other side of the photocopier again for coarse prints or drawings?

* Does the dishwasher freeze, if possible, instead of using the dryer?

* Invited your mailbox to stop spam?

* Turn off tap when tooth brush?

* Do you donate good, unwanted clothes and assets to charity organizations?

* Turn off the lights when you leave the room?

* Travel on a fuel-efficient car?

* Are you a car pool, if possible?

* Do you keep your home pockets in winter by locking the doors?

* Are you composted with mineral waste and / or garden waste?

* Do you use energy-saving light bulbs?

* Do you use a recyclable bag to buy?

* Recycle your computer's print cartridges?

* Wipes spilled materials with a reusable cloth instead of a paper towel?

* Do you use other plastic shopping bags?

* Two or more dishes with cooking at one time to save energy?

* Eliminates hazardous waste (eg Paint) accordingly?

* Turn off the devices on the wall, do not leave them in standby mode?

* Do you choose your household appliances based on your energy efficiency rating?

* Will the magazines be passed on to others after reading?

* Do you know about environmental issues?

* Are you an organization that actively supports green life and practices?

Any questions you've been asked about about & # 39; Yes & # 39; to give yourself a point. Here are the ratings:

25 – 30 – All right! Saves resources for bits. Keep up the good work!

10 – 25 – Development site here. Some common changes make a difference.

10 or less – Is it time to rethink it? Of course, it is up to you, but if you want to practice green life, try to bring these behaviors one by one into your life.

Keep in mind that only 28 days are needed to create a new habit. This means we consciously strive to exercise new behavior in 28 days and automatically find ourselves.

How easy is this?

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