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If you are sick and tired of your home and start thinking that you are obscure, you can start over tons of fashion, interior decorations, and household magazines to find the best solution for your home. But the fact that you actually can not recreate these perfect looks for a T, especially if people really live in your house and probably find it in a few months time that this new design and theme is not your business better, like your last look. This is because the answer to the obscure home is not to extract everything and to change everything, but to change a few small things and see where it is going. You never know. Changing a small thing is actually the answer you are looking for.

From personal experience, I know that small changes in the house – just in one room – are quite another aura. When my diner seemed to be something strange: a high-quality mixture of mod and classic Italian motifs that almost looks like a cafe, I changed almost everything except the dining table. But then I sat and wondered about the things I always wanted in the dining room and that I wanted to look and just change the frames from my "Escape Creation" from the Sixtus chapel. The original frame was a cheap simple wood and I once painted the print with a curved, almost baroque frame, and the whole room seemed to be alive.

I then realized it because my dining room and the living room combined the styles were hard to separate and kept apart. But how could it look like there were separate rooms? I turned to the carpet. I picked up a green area carpet with blue, gold and black highlights in a Persian design. In the living room I chose a wicker carpet with light green and white checks to make pillows on the pillows. These two carpets looked like the simplest change they could make to their rooms – they did not have to move anything and did not have to get rid of anything – but they changed the full appearance of each room and created a separation that I could not otherwise create .

At about the same time, I added a small cotton carpet to the home door. It helps to keep the air under the door, where the frame is a bit shaky from the molded homes, many of which are odd – added the spacious feeling and cleaned the carpet well.

Remember, small changes can not be frames or carpets. If your room needs a little life, maybe you just need what you need.

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