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Many times you ask me what things you need to do to prepare your home when it's sold. Before you can start crawling for potential buyers you should consider home check. If you knew you could do your own check if it was not the best way to hire a professional home inspector.

In many cases, the buyer signs the sales agreement and the sale is subject to home control. In this case, the home check is paid by the buyer. Your goal of home auditing is to find the "major mistakes" associated with your property. Home control sometimes creates a good opportunity or breaks.

I believe that in most cases, the seller is also in your interest to buy a home inspection from a licensed inspector before the property is sold. You certainly do not want to completely transform your home, but there are potential issues that you may not even know if they have a direct impact on the buyer's offer. A few hundred dollars that you are now having such minor problems before placing your home on the market can give you this bit of sharpness against competitive properties and you may get a better selling price.

So, walk through the home auditing process to know what you can expect and what things you can do in advance for customers to conduct a home check on the seller. After these potential problems need to be corrected before you can place your home on the market, you can sell your property at a price like the price range.

It is the home inspectors' task to look for problems with their property that customers may perceive as concerns. Their home rooms are also examined in their room and in the outside of their home. Many items covered by a home supervisor are the items that you or your home supervisor can cover and repair before selling their property.

Landscaping: Make sure all shrubs and trees are cut off from the house, the canals, and the roof. An attractive appeal is crucial, remember that the buyer can see your property from outside before you ever enter your home. First impressions can have a huge impact on buyers' attitudes.

External: Make sure that your channels are free from debris and that ditches and drains work properly. Remove any moss or mold that has grown in the brick or siding home.

External Door Misaligned: Use the screwdriver to check the water jets at the bottom of the outer door frames. If you find soft wood, replace it and paint it.

Roof: You can add or subtract the age and state of the roof depending on the value of the property. If the wrist strap is missing in the roof, wavy shingles are more than twenty-five years old, seriously consider replacing it.

Heating and cooling: The home inspector will check the oven and the air conditioner to make sure it is free of defects. They will check the natural gas lines that leak the furnace.

Water heater: Check the water heater for proper ventilation of the carbon monoxide and gas leaks if there is gas, water, or water.

Electric: The inspector will check the electrical fuse box to make sure it is of the correct size and wiring according to the local code. You will check the electrical power supply on your meter at the outside of your home due to weather signals. You should also be aware of the local building codes for GFIs (earth leakage circuit breakers). They are special power sources with their own circuit breaker. Newer homes require bathrooms, kitchens, garages, or any place where water can be present or present.

Interior Doors: Check that all interior doors are jammed and all doors close and lock properly.

Pumping: Dripping faucets, leaky faucets, slow drains, loose toilets, leaking WCs are all elements that would be under a home control. Look for calcium build up around valves and drains. These patches indicate either an active leak or a leak that was in the past. It needs to be repaired or replaced.

Basement / Garage: The home inspector examines the evidence of water damage and mold in every basement or basement.

Home checks cost between $ 300 and $ 400, and the whole process takes 3-4 hours. The realtor must be able to offer a trusted home inspector.

In addition to fixing problems that you or your home supervisor are experiencing, there are other items that you should consider before placing your home. I will extend these to the following articles of the series.

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