Home Sellers – How to Survive a Home Investigation

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By performing the steps outlined in this article, Home Inspection will simply stay. Your home check is just another stressful event that adds a reasonably-growing list of the home sales process that unfolds. As for the move, making a list of necessary corrections, getting "curved attractive" and keeping it up, the last thing you need is something stranger has broken in your home and looks at every dark corner. Well, breathe deep breath, pick up the last dust bag under the chair, sit down for a moment and read it. I provide real solutions to at least ease Home Inspection.

  1. Please be clear to your home. Inspectors have been accredited for handling "OPD" (Other Peoples Dirt), but it's always better to work in a clean home. Do not worry about a little mess or disorderly mess. The boxes and some dirt are okay. They do not respect the purity, but we are human and do not particularly enjoy spending hours of work (sometimes in the bathroom with hands and knees), looking at a bad nest. Even though you are probably tired of making things clear to open homes and potential buyers, please do not drop the ball completely for cleaning. If I were to run into a very dirty home, I might hold my breath until I could quit; but I'm even harder looking for the bugs and deferred maintenance of such homes and often find them.
  2. Windows and doors are all operational and accessible. Great help to make all windows and doors accessible, so I can easily check the status of windows and doors and their operation. If you have wings and removed crank arms, please get them in the Windows window. Open all the blinds and curtains for easier access and if possible move furniture to allow access. Any vulnerable or valuable item on wipers should be removed (the inspector does not move or move the furniture).
  3. Turn on all lighting and ceiling fans Headlamps and ceiling fans may need to be switched on at home just before the inspector arrives. It helps if you know what your home electrical switches are doing. The inspector can spend an unrepeatable amount of time trying to determine how each switch works. If the inspector wants to turn on all the lights and fans in your home, please do not follow him to turn them off (yes, there were many homeowners). Probably it did for the same reason I did. Turning on all the lamps is part of the electrical system test to ensure that it is checked at a reasonable load. The supervisor will turn off the lights and the fans when done.
  4. Make sure all lamps and fans work. Open the ceiling fans for ceiling fans. If there is no working light and they only need one bulb, the inspector will not know this and will not carry the party. The inactive lamps will be defective (why do they charge electricians to check them)?
  5. All tools are ready for the inspector to operate. Some inspectors check the devices and some do not. Release the appliance, such as a dishwasher and a washing machine, to the supervisor. Do not have your clothes in the washing machine or in the clothes cleaner (the inspector must remove them).
  6. Remove your pets. He was prepared to have the animals gone for inspection. I like dogs, cats, lizards, and most critters, but they can be controlled on the road or unpleasant (try barking a dog at each step). The inspector also does not want to be responsible for getting the animals out of the home and then retrieving them. The other side of this coinage is funny story: I found a resident with a lagoon. It was outside and I came in, holding the sliding door for a moment, and when I turned around, a duck and duck were proud of the Villa (I swiped them quickly). Later I was a good laugh and I realized how much they grabbed. Seriously, I will try not to leave any breaks in your home.
  7. Inform the supervisor when you visit your home. Inform the supervisor of all prospective visitors (if you do not exist there) to allow them and do not have to worry about whether or not to. Also prepare for the buyer (and other family members) to elect the participants of the exam. Ask your real estate agent or buyer's real estate agent to take part if this occurs (the inspector does not take responsibility for others).
  8. Access to the electrical panel Please have access to the main electrical panel (fuse box or breaker box). The supervisor must remove the panel casing to check the internal parts. It's not fun (or safe) to stand in a crowded area and work with electricity. The carbonated and smoker supervisor is not very fragrant.
  9. is accurate. If you meet your supervisor at home, be on time. Most of us spend a lot of time on the money they have earned and appreciate the accuracy. If I'm late I'll call.
  10. Please have all the means, including the fireplace gases, if necessary. Lights on the signal lights help, as most controllers do not light pilot lamps.
  11. Provides access to the attic. Please make sure that access is clear and any roof access is blocked.
  12. Each door must be accessible Make sure that all interior and exterior doors are accessible and if there is a lockable cabinet or auxiliary cabinet, please provide the necessary keys.
  13. Do I have to stay or go? This is a good question that is often asked. In general, I like to meet with the owners to ask a few questions. Having asked the various questions that will help me do my job better, I can leave or stay calm. Most often there is no difference for me. If you are staying in your home comfortably (assuming you will be there), you need to plan an average 3-5 hour check. Ask your home supervisor how long it will take. Most home supervisors (including myself) are allowed and bound.
  14. Warn the supervisor of security concerns. If you know your home security concerns, please inform the supervisor. Elements such as the attic descend on the stairs that are prone to fall on their heads (yes, that's what happened-Ouch!) Or maybe shocking electric fittings or tanks.
  15. Do not ask what errors the Inspector found Most supervisors politely tell you that the home buyer (who pays for the report) is the only person with whom you can share this information. However, the inspector must inform you of any known security concerns that may affect you. Keep in mind that if your supervisor has listed a list of errors and tried to fix them, you may need to repair some items unnecessarily. That bad refrigerator or oven may be something that the buyer does not care about. You may want to replace it. Therefore, wait until you improve the list of fix fixes before you can improve the items.
  16. Your own check performed. Please note your own checks (Check for Prior Check) before the customer has ordered a home check. You choose the Home Inspector, and there are other benefits. Pre-listing Inspection allows you to quickly find out what improvements you may need and take early repairs. This is usually cost savings, as you can take time and business to repair. After the aforementioned checks have eliminated many anxiety and stress. It also makes it possible for homes to be priced more realistically in some cases. For example, if it turns out that your home needs a new roof, but you do not want to invest in a new roof, you will probably change its prices or at least be ready to lower your price. In addition, if you get a fairly clear home audit report, you might want to reflect pricing (raise your pricing habits). Most customers will still have their own homeowner. However, it has a positive attitude toward the customer when it has its own control. The list of corrected items is also positive. Simply put, after a preliminary screening test can reduce anxiety, it saves money and allows smoother and faster sales of the home.
  17. Manage your home inspector at your home as a guest. I'm doing my best to leave homes as soon as I find it and respect homes and residents. I know I'm a guest, I can not greet you with open arms. I also know there is no need for further stress. Offering coffee, soda or water is a nice gesture and helps to create beautiful sound.

Implementing part or all of the above steps will help remove the stress associated with Home Inspection. This article does not take into account fixing or repairing common errors, so it is best to correct any known bugs. The best greetings from home control. John M. Wickline, President,

JW Home Inspections, Inc.
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