Home Staging Secret – Compete with the new construction Tip # 3 – 3 steps

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When I noticed that I answered most of the gurus, I gave a 7-point tip for my position / subject, sat down and came with my own 7 tips. It was difficult. First I could not get to 7. Then I was 9 and could not bring it back. Occasionally, I contributed to the 7 most important things that have brought the greatest value and have been the basis of my home crawler practice over the last 6 years.

Peak 3 is the least obvious until you know it and it will be logical to do the V-8 cheek on your forehead! I'm talking about lighting!

The most notable difference between older dwellings and new construction is the updated lighting. Recessed boxes, strategically placed pendants, iron chandeliers make the same distinction as to how space feels . There are three tips to keep your own lighting specifications in mind.

first Chandeliers and Ceiling Lamps

Brass luminaires indicate the reno in the 80's. They look like they are, and they often look bad when they are wet in the house. The wrought iron is an upgraded version, while stainless steel has a pure contemporary look … now. Crystal transfers the division without penalty. The same applies to ceiling mounted ceiling lamps. Anything other than brass, and the more interesting the shade of glass and shade, the better.

2nd Downlight

Non-overloaded rooms have also been tried. You can add a number of standard lights, but only the top light only has the problem that space looks like a vintage theater. From the ceiling (down) and the table or the standard lights, they are prepared to fill the mid space. Some people are like a floor can be behind the plant of the designer look … I think this has a tough effect to pull and I darn sure the realtor does not get to the ground to turn it on show the home!

3rd Bulb Color

GE Incandescent Lamps have started cracking on me – a more natural light color. He declares that he wants to copy the sunlight. Blue tones. This is a much nicer, fresher caliber light than the yellow light of ordinary bulbs. The color palette is changed altogether, and the spaces are immediately seen modern. Some suggest that the spaces are a little open. I'm not sure. I know that blue refreshes all the white in the room.

There are many ways to refresh the lighting … there are 3 major effects, powerful changes you can do to make your home ready for Olympic competitiveness on the market.

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