How much do I get for commercial cleaning services?

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He bought all his cleaning supplies and equipment, told everyone he knew he started cleaning and is now ready to bid at work and get to work. So the next step is to meet potential customers and bid on their cleaning services. But how do you know what charge you have to pay for cleaning your potential client's building?

Let's start by remembering that we are in business to earn and earn life. Sometimes the tendency is to sell our services at a low price to get our feet in the door. Its too low pricing of its services means it will work very few hours. And more importantly, there will be little left to invest in the growth of the company. There are cleaning companies that pay more than others and can handle all their work, and there are companies that have lower fees to find a job! Do not betray yourself or you will not be able to make the cleaning business.

The fees for commercial cleaning vary greatly depending on the area in which you live. Hourly fees are anywhere between $ 15 and $ 40 per hour, depending on what services you provide, regardless of whether you are doing the job and the company's costs and expenses. Monthly squares can run from anywhere from $ 0.05 to $ 20, depending on the type of building cleaned and how clean. Thanks to more specialized cleaning needs, you can offer a higher spatial information price for medical facilities and office buildings. It is likely to offer a lower GIS value compared to large buildings compared to small buildings. For example, you can offer $ 800 per square foot to a 50,000-square-foot building, versus a $ 8 square foot with a 8,000-square-foot building.

Monthly, you are likely to upload your customers to rate this price by estimating how long it will take to complete the services requested by the customer. The more productive you or your employees are, the higher the hourly production rate. If you clean up 3500 square feet per hour, your profit will be higher than you can only clean 2500 sq.ft. of hours per hour, so adjust your prices accordingly.

This is a good idea if you find out what the "driving rate" is in your area. Some phone calls to competitors may be needed to get acquainted with the basic fees in your area. Use a script when you call to compare apples with apples. So what do you say when you call? Try something like this: "Hi, I have a small office that I want to clean once a week, 3000 square feet, two small toilets, can you estimate what you spend every month?" You can give or not give that estimate. Most entrepreneurs insist on walking around the building, but it's worth a few phone calls, so there's a ballpark number that cleansing companies are filling in the area.

To estimate what to pay for cleaning a building walk through the building owner or manager. Keep track of:

* Cleaning frequency (once a week, three times a week, five times a week). If the frequency is once or twice a week, it is best to estimate the time duration and multiply the hourly rate. If you can estimate the cleaning of three or more times a week you should consider your square foot.

* Total Square Floor

* Floors and Square Meters (Carpet, Vinyl Flooring, Ceramic Tiles)

* Room Types – General Office, Breaks, Washbasins. Also take into account WCs, stands and equipment in each toilets, as well as used toilet facilities

. * Special considerations – heavy traffic areas, elevators, unusual requests, etc.

specific services sought by the customer, such as garbage, spraying, washcloth cleaning, moping and vacuuming.

The following services are special services and you have to make a special offer and should list a service fee in your offer: [19659002] * Sanding and waxing (.25 ¢ – .50 ¢ square foot)

* Sanding / ($ 20 – $ 40 / hour)

* Cleaning Tools (Microwave Oven, Refrigerator) – $ 10 – $ 35 /

* Window Wiping ($ 1.00 – $ 5.00 per Sheet)

Make sure you have enough comment on a realistic price that is fair for the customer and for which you're making a profit.When you first meet with the customer, go back to your office notes, and decide what will cost you to clean the building. You may need to consult a manufacturing cleaning speed chart to determine is how long you and your staff are going to clean the building If you have an idea of ​​how long it will take to clean the building, you can set up your cost estimate:

* Estimate the time it takes for a production cleaning speed chart or calculator

* Determine the workforce for cleaning the building cost one time.

* Determine the monthly wage costs required to clean the building.

* Estimate your monthly purchasing costs. This is a fairly low number, perhaps 1 or 2% monthly sales.

* Make sure you add a profit margin

Give the numbers and get your monthly expenses. If you have access to a bidding calculator, you can add and rate many numbers. The bidding calculator also shows you what you can expect from it. It is also recommended that you add the first cleaning fee. It is usually $ 20 – $ 25 per hour. When it first goes through a building, it takes a longer time, and the previous cleaning service may have left the dirt inside the cracks and gaps that you must first clean it up.

the bidding package together. Your bidding package must determine what is responsible and what the customer is responsible for (buying your own waste bin, toilet facilities, etc.). It should also include the monthly charge for cleaning services, the contract period and the termination of the contract if none of the parties is unhappy.

It's important to find out how to sell cleaning services so that your customers can get you a professional service at a reasonable price and thus generate profits. After all, if you do not profit, you will not stay in business for long.

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