How to clean green and the conditions of solid wood furniture

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Learn how to clean green and solid wood furniture from old, home-made furniture sheets and cleaner formulations. If you have a furniture that is solid wood, you can successfully use these tips to soak moisture, add soft glow and bring forth beautiful wooden sounds. Antiques usually respond well to this formula by placing natural appearance on a delicate, old piece.

Instructions for cleaning and conditioning wood furniture

1. Mix green cleaning and conditioning. Depending on how much area to use, mix equal parts of white vinegar, natural olive oil and water in a bowl. One egg with whisk, beat vigorously until it blends well. As you know, the oil does not stay well mixed with the oil, so hold your whiskey to mix the shape.

2nd Brush out the furniture. Clean it before applying, especially if it is sitting somewhere or it has some heavier dirt. Be careful not to break the wood into the dust.

3rd Take clean, soft cotton fabrics and dip in a liquid mix. Pull out the excess fluid from the dress, though you want the dress to be reliably difficult with a green clean formula. Gently rub the wood with the cloth. You probably have to put the dress in the bowl several times to reuse the mix for a big furniture. It does not matter if you stay light on the appliance while you're working. This helps to loosen contaminants and give moisture to the wood.

4th After thorough cleaning, take another dry cotton cloth and gently rub the rest of the furniture Make sure it contacts the corners and slots with the cloth so that the liquid does not sit for a long time beside the wood.

After the first application, you will see a beautiful, warm satin look for the tree. You can restore this process at any time if you want to re-establish it. Note, however, that only the real tree responds to this process, not the veneer, the coated forest, the MDF or the vinyl cover. This is a simple, efficient method for green clean and solid wood furniture.

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