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When a seller performs a pre-registered home check or the homeowner requires regular home check-ups, he / she must make a home host to the home inspector to ensure that the check is performed optimally.

The following recommendations help the seller / owner prepare the home check:

1. Remove the clutter so that your home inspector can visually gain access to as many areas as possible.

2nd Be in time to review to be fully involved in all areas of the test.

3rd The outside of the home is ready for inspection, as the supervisor can start examining the outside area of ​​the home if he is not ready. This includes removing obstacles and catching dogs.

4th The home supervisor should be informed about home guests, especially children or the elderly.

5th As far as possible, pets must be removed from the property to give full access to all the areas studied.

6th Wardrobes should be clear when access to the attic.

7th Keep all connected devices – The home inspector must check the stove, check the oven, and test the air conditioner. It is good to turn off the utilities so that the inspector can evaluate its functionality.

8th Give a work area around the furnace and water heaters to the inspector.

ninth Many homeowners can not check the lights if they do not light up. It is a good idea to keep them before starting the verification process.

10th Ensure easy access to the garage and try to minimize overcrowding in this area.

eleventh The garage and electrical boxes should be kept open or fitted with keys for easier use.

12th Give your time to the home supervisor to check. 2-4 hours.

13th If you are aware of potential concerns, call them instantly when the inspector arrives.

During the check, record any questions that may arise during the walk. All your home checkups are unforgettable with some bugs in your property. Talk about problem areas, understand the urgency, and get an estimate of the cost of repair. Then you can estimate the cost of repair and handle specific problems accordingly. It will help you in the long run, as the cost of repairs used over the years dramatically reduces regular checks.

Good preparation for home inspection is beneficial for all concerned. Finally, a comprehensive report facilitates active preparation …

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