How to use the living room in a home office?

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You may have searched your home and found the only place you are in your home office in the living room. This usually occurs when your family plays at different times when playing TV or other music when trying to concentrate. Your baby may be moving around your leg when busy and playing all the interesting shiny buttons on the CPU. Instead of pulling out your hair, follow these few tips to successfully share your living space with a home office.

If the kids are old enough to obey some of the rules, write them in any way where everyone can see it. The rules may include:

Loud music or television did not turn too high.
Headphones listen to loud music or TV.
There are no kicks or balls in the residential area.
Respect for office space & # 39; by retaining it.
Do not interrupt if someone has blood.

What you choose for the rules depends on you and your sober state. You can work well on television, crying and dog barking. If you do not know, it's best to move the office to the kitchen.

Another viable option is limiting working hours to school hours when children are not at home. Otherwise, you may need to insert a quality earplug.

When you set up a home office in the living room, try to keep everything in one place. This place should be somewhere that is not used in walking space. The office space should not be interrupted between the seating and the television. But in these days, super-large TVs can consider taking a large TV screen and placing it on a high wall to prevent visual impairment. This will also release the extra floor space required for your office.

On one wall, a tape is the most basic layout that looks good. It is economical for space use and can even be used on the corridor. Or the corner layout is better suited for furniture layout. There are several computer tables for corner adjustment. You may have access to private privacy by installing heavy curtains on the corner.

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