Insulated landfill houses

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The energy performance of buildings can be improved by insulation, including those made of earth, such as Although most of the earth structures are in a hot and dry climate, there is an increasing demand for low cost, eco-friendly earthing techniques in cold climates. This article examines three innovative ways of isolating the building of geysers, extending their construction range to cold regions.

Most land-based buildings use ground-filled polypropylene grain bags. The bags were loaded, uniformly arranged and compressed. One or two fiber threads between the courses bind the bags together and increase tensile strength. As described herein, the construction process using insulation-filled earthwalls would be almost the same, though the sacks would be considerably weighed and faster in the construction industry.

The unique advantage of building ground bricks with insulation, so it can be used in cold climates with insulated fillers. Scoria, funnel, perlite, vermiculite or rice surfaces are all suitable insulating materials. These materials are natural, lightweight, easy to use and non-toxic. They do not burn or rotten and do not attract insects or parasites. In addition, moisture is not affected by scoria, bruising, perlite, vermiculite, and also as part of grounded structures.

The table below compares the approximate R value of the three sustainable insulating materials, earthbags. (The first column of the table is the one-inch insulating value and the second column shows the R-value of a typical 15 "thick earth-proof wall.)

Material – R value / inch – R value / 15"

Rice Bodies – R-3 – R-45

Perlite – R-2.7 – R-40

Vermiculite – R-2.13 – R-32-36 (insulation)

1) The first method for insulating the earthquake buildings uses fully charged bags with insulation. The main advantage of this method is the simple structure against the other procedures described below. The walls of a bag are wide and completely insulated. Thick earth or lime plaster provides a level of heat inside the interior to stabilize indoor temperatures.

A demonstration in Crestone, Colorado, is home to Scoria stuffed ground bags. Scoria is also known as volcanic rock or lava rock. Because of its volcanic origin, the scoria is full of tiny airspace, making it a good insulator. Although the R value of the scoria is debatable, the owner claims that these ground wall walls are similar to the R-26-R-30. This estimate includes the 5 "paper bundle to about R-2 / inch.

2) Another method of using earth-tile sandbags used for the isolation of green-green buildings is also used by so-called dragonfly sandbags typically used to improve the carriage of snow / ice roads The bags are sold to add weight to the towing of the vehicle.) This method includes tube sandbags that are insulated out of the earth blanket to create a double wall

The filled tubular sandbags provide about 10 "insulation , which is perfect for many climates – not too much, not too small. Again scoria, pompa, perlite, vermiculite or rice surfaces can be used for insulation. Perlite is my primary choice against the high R-value (R-2,7×10 "= R-27) and the resistance to moisture damage, although the final decision should be measured against other locally available and inexpensive natural substances. [3] The third Possibility to stretch the seam longitudinally down the gecko bags to divide them into two parts, the outer part can be filled with insulation and the inner part with the ground massively in the interior In many situations, especially in moderately cold regions, this is an ideal wall system [19659002] Sewing may vary depending on the climate The mild climate such as New Mexico, about 4 "-5" outer insulation would suffice to result in R-10 insulation, in the case of a somewhat cooler climate the seam may be centered (50% insulation / 50% soil), in extremely cold or extremely hot climates, the bags are filled with 100% (or min den earth in a warm climate if isolation is not available.)

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