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Area Rugs – Wonderful addition to any room that sets the seat, emphasizes, reduces noises and provides comfortable comfort. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you decide which rug is right for you.

First of all, let's talk about it. The best and most expensive area carpets are hand-knotted Persian carpets. These are the longest and the most beautiful. The number of nodes determines the quality of the carpet per square meter. They can be up to 1200 knots up to 40 knots per inch.

The next best type of carpet is hand knotted, these are 1/2 man-made carpet 1s, which are much more affordable, but have similar features with the knotted option.

The carpet will be the least expensive 3.

The difference between the knotted and the knotted is simply seen on the back of the carpet. If you look at the backrest, turning the same pattern just to the reverse, it looks at a knotted hand. If there is any material, it is knotted by hand.

Locate the "Rug Mark" tag on any carpet you are considering to make sure there is no child labor in the carpet production.

Then let's talk about the material. If you and your family are working hard on high-traffic carpets, food outlets, and pet-proofing … do not risk killing a more expensive carpet, choose a carpet that is resistant to inks and at a lower price.

Cotton is also available, somewhat more comfortable, but it absorbs and is discolored, so it is harder to clean them. Place this type of carpet in a more formal room with limited access.

There are also hard and clean "green" rugs that are made from plant-based fibers such as jute and bamboo. Beautiful, biodegradable and renewable, this kind of carpet is a fantastic choice. The only disadvantage is that they will wear out much faster than their synthetic or cotton counterparts.

Wool carpets are best used in rooms where traffic is limited to formal occasions and special events where food and drinks are supervised.

The size of the carpet is also an important aspect. It's too big and it becomes wall-to-wall, which blocks the space. It's too small and adjusts the room balance so the room is less than the invitation.

Standard design applications include: The carpet should be about three times beyond the bed on both sides. Try to fit the nightstand on the carpet too. The carpet should be large enough to pull a chair at normal distance from the table, and the carpet still supports the chair.

Living room is a little tricky and it really depends on what kind of appearance you want to achieve. The more serious appearance places the furniture 1/2 on the carpet. Placing the whole piece on the carpet is a more formal situation. Do not fill the carpet more than the furniture in the room. The price of the carpet should be at the same price as the sofa.

Finally, a carpet pad is placed to maintain the rugs, comfort and stability. The thicker the pad, the greater the elasticity of the rug. Buy one that is 2 "to 3" smaller than the carpet itself. This prevents slipping too.

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