Lighting Tips – What kind of lights are lit up in the living room the best?

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Ideally, your home is an extension to yourself, a place where you can really relax; and in order to do this most effectively, you should be in a place where you feel comfortable.

Living daylight will play a significant role in the way space is felt, and in daylight hours people typically find an area that can absorb significant sunlight and create a natural environment without an artificial presence. However, when the sun descends and this place is full of darkness, artificial light is the only option.

There are many considerations that need to be carefully considered for your lighting. In my opinion, first and foremost, you need to understand the basic requirements of your square.

It is not uncommon for the living room to be a dining room, and in some cases the kitchen may be a bedroom. Divide the room where possible using the lighting to create a different feeling that is consistent with the function of each area of ​​the entire space. If you have a separate space for eating and relaxing, you can afford to make your diner more active when you use, a separate dimmed light above the table, or a locally located high-level lamp.

is a softer light source and comes from a lower source, such as a corner lamp or table lamp that provides enough light to alleviate darkness while maintaining a relaxing environment. The use of more than one lamp in a single space is a cost-effective way to create these light transitions in rooms that perform multiple functions as typically configured ceiling arrays do not work independently

A modern living space, it may be advantageous to have the function from the light source choose it. A well-designed floor lamp can enhance balance and complement existing furniture and the room with an interesting lighting. Unless the main function is a middle piece, it must be proportionate to the rest of the furniture and be consistent with the general style of the room. The brightness function can be used to control the mood of a good mood.

Finally, the color or warmth of the light is a very important factor that needs to be carefully considered. Fortunately, it is often easy to adjust the bulb by light bulb.

Typically, the light (color) of light is determined in Kelvin and is therefore symbolized by the symbol K conventional bulb. Modern, neutral spaces are much more supportive of whiter light than decorated with richer color palettes, and warmer, yellow light requires decoration to complement. These warmer fluorescents are 2700 K, while the whiter light is 6500 K and approx. It can rise to 6500 K. At these high levels of whiteness, light virtually simulates daylight and is therefore more commonly found in office areas or in a modern environment. Unless the living space is supported, go to a warmer light that provides a relaxing and relaxing light.

Do not forget to think about the green credibility of the light source, not just whether the bulb is energy-efficient, but whether the lamp is made of recycled or recyclable material. Simply replacing bulbs with the fluorescently efficient type, you can save money and help you build smaller carbon footprints; they deliver the same results and take a much longer time, so this is a real win-win situation.

Finally, you have to come to style and taste, coupled with a design that resonates and displays some positive emotions from within and expresses style from the outside. Unless you can do this, you only have one function that is OK but, of course, less attractive and personal. The flip side must also set lighting requirements, instead of just being radical art or design, otherwise it is not suitable for any other work than aesthetically pleasing. Perfect mixing of style and material will always be the most productive approach, and if you find it in a lamp, take it.

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