Losing My Money – Brand New Home Inspections

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If you think home is not good, then you should not buy it. After looking at the brand new house, it does not make any sense unless you are worried about home builder and if that's the case, you should think twice before you buy it.

That's why I think a brand new home check wasting time and money. Most new residential buildings provide at home for at least one year. Not only is it likely that the price paid for home surveillance would be covered by an insurance policy that would include all the things that would happen in the next few years in the home.

Now in homes over 10 years old, I definitely consider taking home check. Something that's meaningful, but it's got a brand new home check, it does not make any sense, especially if you give any type of guarantee to the housekeeper.

Just because he has a guarantee does not mean that your concern is free. How long does your home builder have? Have you built other homes in the neighborhood, and do homeowners have any problems with their home? If there is a problem, how fast can a home builder be solved?

If you are a type of person who is always worried, go ahead and get a new home check, but I really do not recommend it if the home is a reputable home builder, the issues need to be limited. Even if you know your brand new home, you really know that your home inspector did not miss anything?

Be careful with real estate professionals who are also not interested in giving advice to anything else you might think about what's needed in the future. The worst thing you can do is look into problems with your property and you do not know how to solve them. I am here to tell you that you should be more careful about people who are not in their qualifications because you would have more likely to think than I ever imagined.

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