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Colors and Creation

Although color considers the color to be basic and we want to know its size and weight as it is about physical things, we can not achieve the essence of color.

When we look at the colors of the world, like precious stones of different colors, we do not see the color, but the memory of the ancient ages comes to our consciousness, from the time these colors have been created and the creativity play. By examining the green color of plants covering our planet, ancient memories will rise as old as the days of creation of earth and plantation.

Colors play a big part in our lives. They create a bridge between spiritual and physical, remember me creativity in creation, and connect us with creativity. If we are open to our livelihoods and creativity and look blue, we can experience the feeling of retreat. If we look red or yellow, we will move forward.

This fact is referred to as the perspective of colors.

The painter uses his knowledge of color perspectives, and if you want to apply a quiet retreat-distant feeling, you will use blue color.

Painting and color is an art that a person perceives through his inner being. Painter or observer, experience is an event that occurs in the soul of a person affected by color perception. This is a live image of colors with an eternal movement. With experienced colors, the soul of a person freely floats through the cosmos. Therefore, they say that color always travels in time and reminds us of the time of creation.

Colors and Home

What color do our art and posters get at home?

What do we mean when we say "man's house is the fortress?"

Our home is the place to go to the world. It is a place to rest, nourish and strengthen the world. The solid and nutritious home base has all the necessary tools: comfort, security, and spiritual food. As we deal with colors, we examine whether the colors help to meet the needs and help heal our body and soul. When surrounded by colorful paintings and posters, our souls are born and become creative.

Design with Colors

We love to shape our home to meet our needs and meet the needs of the whole family. Posters, paintings, and colorful surfaces help determine the function of each room in the house. In the living room, for example, are divers such as family gatherings, guest receptions, games and more. The place of interaction between people. In the living room you need active and exciting colors that create a sense of warmth and closeness, Red, orange and yellow. To balance, there is a good use of Green and Blue that encourage communication.

In the living room, the quieter corner of blue, orange and green helps to create a harmonious and quiet atmosphere.

Another example is the bedroom. It depends on what kind of atmosphere everyone wants to create: loving, gentle and sexy or silent, good night sleep. Mostly, we recommend that our bedroom is a relaxing place to relax from the rush of the day. Silent and passive colors like pale blue, green and pink, pale and reassuring, make less contrast and soften the mood.

The home office, which has now become a common part of many homes, must have colors, paintings and posters that sharpen the mind and awaken creativity and emotions. Such activity is generated by strong colors such as blue and red contrasts. The reason for this effect is that these colors are too different to the combination and are therefore opposed to each other: the blue is cool and moves backwards, and the red is hot and flush.

But these two colors alone can not stagnate; if not a third color that can help them influence each other and create harmony. Such colors are green and orange. All-in-one image processing is a conflict that is a solution. The impact of such an image on a person working in the office is deep, intense and energetic.

Kids Room – Kids are delicious souls that can be easily influenced by their environment. They are constantly pushing for visual, vocal and intellectual impressions. At early age, the room should be painted with pastel colors to create a peaceful and warm atmosphere – an environment suitable for toddlers.

There is a shiny noise reduction for kids as something that jumps or retreats quickly and can lead to tension and fear. Youth will need these strong colors and many contradictions to reflect their inner experiences in that age.

Colored posters

It's easy to see that not only the choice of colors is important for creating the environment. The combination between the two also determines whether it is harmonious or discordant, so it affects the house positively or negatively.

Fineposter's poster helps you design and define your space and activities. Color posters provide a nourishing and inviting place that reminds each soul of its inner depth and essence of all its colors.

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