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When I get to heaven, the first guy I want to meet, Paul. I really appreciate this man – probably because I see in him. Probably because it was such a rough diamond and the full box was. But because he loved the other people with such passion. Paul advances all that is in it to bring the gospel to all people who go to the depths.

His heart was loved by strangers. It is as if he had transplanted the heart of Jesus into his heart. Listen to the Desire of His Heart: 17 Do you have any idea what kind of homesickness we have been for you, my dear friends? Although it was not so long, and only our body was separate from you, not in our hearts, we tried to go back to visit us.

It sounds like a love letter to two teens in love. At every moment of the day, Paul thinks Thessalonica's people. With enthusiasm Paul plans for his loved ones. Want to help them. They want to learn more about God's Word. They want to help them with the solid food of the gospel to stand on their own feet.

Do you see passion in Paul? Do you see it burning inside love for believers and for those who have lost themselves? He will not let you hit them. I hope people have the same heart.

I recall that life is often about me. Our own way of success and interests is more important than helping others. Could it be a little direct here, but not what our picture looks like for our life? There are other people who ignore attention, time, energy, and love.

In fact, there is no need to meet Paul and find out why there was such a passion for others. This is obvious. If you allow the Holy Ghost to change his heart, he changes everything. Then my own, what is it, gets off and concentrates only on his companions. You are planning plans to help others.

And all of us have to do it. We must let the Holy Ghost change our hearts. We must allow others' needs to be more difficult than ours.

We succeeded the next day. I was in the movies. It was about 10 minutes before the end of the movie. The voltage was high. I saw the light blinking on my phone. He was a friend whose mother was dying. He hesitated. I can resume your call after the movie finishes. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit moved to my heart and I got up.

I was grateful I could help my friend when her mother breathed her last breath.

Unfortunately, things do not always work like this: 18 You can not imagine how much you missed! I, Paul, tried to come back again and again, but Satan changed our minds every time.

Even if we want to go right, there may be obstacles. Take this into account and prepare for yourself. But do not let it deter you. Let the desire to make you, like Paul, make a difference in the lives of others. [1] [Thessalonians2:17-20


What are you focusing on?

How can you do more for others?

Do you have to try again? Sir, I admit that I want to be first in line. Mostly, it's just about me and I've never seen others and how they suffer. Come and work in my heart to do all I can to help others, like Paul. Amen.

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