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Recently, we were asked whether we gave a monthly rental test. I suppose what kind of control we are going to go to the property, check it out, have dinner with the tenants, and help the little ones do their homework. Then we set the time to retry the next month before we say goodbye. Smiles will be everywhere.

This type of check would work if we hired "Little House on the Prairie," and harvest was abundant. But I do not know how to be happy if rain does not fall and Pa has to sell one of the most favorite cows to end it. And I'm not sure how happy they would be to feed their mouth again when we stopped because of our monthly check; Of course, we are somewhat embarrassed that the dinner conversation focuses on eviction, our clients, Olsen, command us to execute them ("If you do not pay the rent, Ingalls immediately 11. No more hunger excuses!").

Unfortunately (and fortunately) modern life is not like this. Tenants do not want the realtor to come; busy and do not want property owners (in general) to join their social life.

However, sometimes there is a need to check rented flats. But how often should they be implemented? The benefits and disadvantages of a monthly visit are:

Benefits of Monthly Checks:

  1. Benefiting from Advantage
  2. Fast Recognition and Management of Rental Infringements


Monthly Inspections Failure:

  1. and the Gestapo
  2. Limited is a beneficial tenant of the costs associated with frequent visits
  3. Tenants hate and do not hire you
  4. Pushback on Tenant Data Protection Issues
  5. Have you been forced to deal with the issues that arise – throw it away? Hard decisions and ultimatums must be passed and executed.

More about # 5. "Sometimes the happiness of ignorance" is hard to say. "I always want to know what's going on in the apartment building!" Right?

If you find a violation, are you ready for eviction? If the tenant timely and fully pay monthly, do you want your realtor seeking the reasons to get rid of tenants? The dismissal is expensive! And when tenants are evicted, nobody pays the rent anymore. This is a double loss on costs.

Well, warnings can be issued. "If it happens again, it will come out!" If there is evidence that they are coming next month, they really need to be dumped. If not, what is the purpose of this monthly inspection? The checks are not intended to paint the owners in one corner. At the end of the day you want to pay the tenants, right?

Checks may be helpful. But even Ingalls would not think it was rough if you stopped much less regularly!

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