New Birth: Home Improvement or New Construction?

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Jesus said, "No one can see the kingdom of heaven unless it is renewed" (John 3: 3). The born novice is who has literally given a new life. He starts to start forgiving their sins. We become new creatures, old vanished, new came, (2 Corinthians 5:17). The Holy Ghost, the promised parakeet (spiritual exercise, Greek) now live on all of us who are disciples of Christ. We are his home. Yes, God … the one who created both Heaven and Earth … decides to live among those who want to make Jesus Christ a ruler so that He can pass through His kingdom. Yes, it was his home, but for the purposes of the Kingdom and not for our own benefit.


Many of us have the false impression that as a disciple, our relationship with God simply makes us "better" people. A kind of "we are in the club and we are not" syndrome we often get in. MIXED! We are not better people … we are new people! (They said some people are more natural than Christians by grace.) "Hitters." This means we CREATE what Scripture says. I believe Jesus told us to go to more disciples, Matthew 28: 18-20. Yes, we are now in the family of God, but for a definite purpose.

How can this be? Remember to be spiritual beings who have earthly experience. These bodies will die and our spirits will live forever … somewhere. Hey, hell, this is our choice. God wants to cooperate with us so that others can live in His kingdom. To reach REAL life. Often, when someone proudly claims to be Christian, he can not help but wonder if he has a life. Real life. Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life …" (Jn 14: 6). The question then is, "Do they have Jesus?" Was that what?

Unfortunately, many non-Christians have the impression that we think we are better than they are. This "more sincere than you" concept prompted them to describe God's children as judging, hypocritical, and boring.

The words of Christ are those that give life to the desired effect. Too many of us are all aware that, frankly, since our supposed salvation, we not only did not change a good one, but we did a lot worse things than we were "rescued" as we did before. How can this be? Who are we kidding? Many of the altar workers can justify the many redesigned "salvation" cards received by the respondents of the "call for an altar" on large-scale Lutheran crusades. Organizations that keep a good record can make sure that the altar "rescued" from year to year has been "rescued" (apparently hoping it's actually "slipping") or because they know in their hearts that nothing has changed, after experiencing what was the last moment of life-changing moment.

The problem is in the root. His typical idea of ​​salvation is to deliver our sins, fulfilling the guarantee of the heavenly mansion in the sweet. Unfortunately, that was not what Jesus taught.

Jesus focused on the present, and the way we introduce our lives in this new and living way that he introduced. He modeled us, setting the standard. He taught that 1) we should deny and believe in the gospel of the Kingdom of God, 2) deny ourselves, 3) seek our cross daily, 4) renounce everything, and 5) have some form of expression expressed more than thirty times, ; Follow Me. & # 39; It is that when we do disciples, we must teach that such existence follows the example of Jesus Christ by submitting to His work and the Kingdom of God. The multitudes have a twisted forgiveness of theirs without lifestyle change … and they are called "grace" … when in fact discipleship denies itself and glorifies God.

We can not stop citizenship in the Kingdom of God and continue to spoil this world system. If we try to do it, they say we have to be saved, deceived. Satan loves to feel safe in our salvation without having to reject sin and body. He loves this lie in his pulpit, commentaries, Sunday schools, seminars, and Christian media. Are we teaching eternal security or uncertain security?

Over the years, I personally prayed to hundreds of people to receive Christ … the Roman Way, the Four Spiritual Laws, the ABC of Salvation, the profession of faith. Then one day I stopped. Today, I am more inclined to "take away" those who think that they want to be Christian, go home, consult with their pillow, calculate costs, and call when they are ready. They asked me, "What if they die on their way home? At least they must pray for a sinful prayer, for Romans 10: 9-10 says that he" confesses with your mouth "…"

Honestly, God knows the hearts. They should not give a voice. Is a person who is lame or mute, is it forbidden to go to Heaven because they did not pray for a repeated prayer? Manmade teachings and traditions strike again. Another holy cow bites the drill. As an example, I once asked a group of whom I taught the scriptures at the workplace if everyone thought it was Christian. One young Spanish woman claimed to be a Christian. The next day as I walked to the elevator, the same woman who stepped out of the elevator grabbed my arm around me and said, "Michael, I want to save you!" Two years later I still have my student under e-mail and phone. People, when the fruit is ready to harvest, is practically in our hands. No indulgence is required.

Did your soul soil have been prepared during the studies? Yes, but inspired to study the studies by the Christian presence that was observed in the workplace. I met her next Sunday night at her workplace and she followed the car to a home meeting where she welcomed the rest of her Christian discipleship. Especially for divine women. Anyway, within days of experience, he was in a terrible car accident, almost for his life. Almost lost his arm, which was terribly damaged. However, he is well prepared. Satan was not happy. The last thing you remember before the accident? He talked with his passenger to God.

Why do not they hold a crusade and tell the masses what Jesus said to his potential disciples? Imagine the following message on the PA system of the stadium: "Six times he warned that the world will hate, your family and friends will turn against you, not come to bring peace, but a sword that divides families. He will die, and now go home and contemplate your life and all that is good for you to follow this person who calls Jesus Christ. "I wonder how many will come back to the next night of the crusade? "And all those who have left houses, brothers, fathers, mothers, children or lands for my name will receive a hundred times to inherit eternal life, but many will be the last and the last one to be first" (Matt 19: 29-30 ).

We generally strive to involve people in the institution after the promises of peace, joy, love, unity, and prosperity. Try to sell it to the Sudanese minister who sheds his acidity before his congregation, muscled by Muslim soldiers.

Or a Pakistani village whose Christian members were physically abducted by radical Muslims

Or a Chinese evangelist who would never sleep more nights in the same bed, fearing he was involved, even family members and informants infiltrated in their congregation while Americans "buy" Chinese propaganda that there is religious freedom.

The common method of the Western disciple is to teach new converts, to sit down, to bible, to make a few remarks, say "Amen", to justify non-Biblical man-made doctrines, learn new rituals, command chain and become "good" in this in routine … it's still "professional". Man, is the ship missing?

No, nothing changes a man like the Word of God. These are not "shop-on" tips for life. Neither warm, fuzzy spiritual "thoughts to the day". The words of Christ are based … the only thing with which our new life can build. And maintain. Use them. Filter all the other teachings you've ever heard … or just hear … By the way, even the doctrines that come from the pages of the Scriptures themselves

"That is why everybody who hears these words in practice is like a wise man who built his house on a rock fell, the streams rose and the wind blew and beat the house, but it did not fall, because it was the foundation of the rock "(Matthew 7: 24-25)

No it is logical that, in order to be a Christian (literally literally an anointed, a Jesus Jesus), must you follow the teaching of Christ? For those who want to live this new way as new creatures, Jesus asked (perhaps still), "Why do you call me" Lord, Lord, "and do not do what I say?"

"If you continue with my Word, then truly are my disciples …" (John 8: 31,32; 15: 7)

"He who loves his life loses and who hates his life this world will to keep eternal life "(Jn 12:25).

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Every blessing!

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