New Construction Checklist

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This "new home checklist" is designed to help you build your dream house step by step. If you do this for the first time, it is confusing and frustrating. I tried to simplify as much as possible.


  1. Find the right fate you can build. Check the surroundings, as well as proximity to transport and city amenities.
  2. The creditor institution approves it in advance. Now you know how much you can spend.
  3. Build an architecture. Review the services included in your prize. Check the list of wishes for each building document to be found in the construction documents.
  4. Whatever the architect does is not about permissions and construction requirements, you have to start what you have to do. Go to the building and ask.
  5. If the architect has completed the construction documents and approves them, start the process of obtaining licenses.
  6. Renting Services not Included by an Architect (eg Surveying, Builder, etc.)
  7. Select a builder, set a schedule, and finalize pricing. This may result in some minor changes to the design or construction specifications. The builder should be aware of the requirements of the local building class and must be in charge of all necessary inspections of buildings.
  8. Get funding. After finalizing your plans and costs, go to your creditor with the information you need to complete funding.
  9. Determine what is needed (if anything) before the building begins. This may include landscaping or layout issues or the construction section processes.
  10. While you're building a weekly meeting on the site, check the progress and answer the questions. Make it available to the builder to answer the questions between the meetings. Make sure payments are made in time (this is the fat that keeps the engine running).
  11. Think of landscaping options (I recommend bare minimum in the beginning). If you wait a few months, you will find a better landscape because you will think about it and see other landscapes that give you ideas.
  12. Close the construction phase of financing and finalize your mortgage. your residence attestation and other closing documents from the building's department and / or builder.
  13. Accept the house and start decorating.

Best of luck. This can be fun for you. Do not let this cause unnecessary stress

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