New home building technology

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Built from Styrofoam panels

Marquis Construction believes it has found a way to meet their own needs and customers. SIPs – With 4- and 6-inch thick EPS foams, such as the material from which the coffee cups are made between the galvanized steel sheets.

4-foot wide panels can be fastened together with the T & G so that workers can quickly get assembled. Foam between laminated steel plates.

The panels known as SIP have been in use for 60 years, but have only been used in the mainstream of construction over the past ten years

Builders of thermal and structural shells say homes demonstrate their resistance to winds up to 140 mph, so the hurricane is worthy. The lack of wood means that termites are unviable. "There are no food there," Marquis tells his clients "to immediately understand the concept that a solid mortar store will be more energy-saving than traditional."

In addition to energy efficiency, steel sheets provide cleaner IAQ in mold-resistant environments. They undertake a 20-year corrosion guarantee. Hurricane codes in Florida are moving over them, the effect has been tested and used to build Hurricane Shelter in Ft Meyers, FL.
Steel SIPs construction will reduce insurance premiums by 53% in the pre-snow areas at the construction of the wooden frame.

Panels are easy and easy to access via South East US via a 2-week release time.

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